Edinburgh, Scotland: Text Messages Exhibit June 2002

This exhibit was organized by our dear and hard working member Gregory Robison, currently residing in Edinburgh, Scotland. Rather than go on an elaborate explanation on the theme, here is Gregory's initial suggestion for a theme which may help throw into context the images to come:

"The idea is a show of woodblock prints based on the Gospel (i.e., the four related texts conventionally associated with the names Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and which purport to present the life of Jesus).  "Based on" does not mean "depicting;" it means something like "using a sentence, phrase or verse from the Gospel as the point of departure or inspiration for a graphic statement in the woodblock/relief medium."  In fact, aside from the sort of minimal strictures that we're all used to for exchanges (e.g., size no larger than, say, oban), the only requirement would be that each submission be explicitly linked to the text."
One thing led to another and soon Barbara Mason, Sharri LaPierre and Wanda Robertson were headed off into the sunset on a flight to Scotland. Gregory Robison has gallantly done this before, put on a show of prints from Baren members, and for that we thank him heartily. The images below tell the story of the event and a lot of tourist activity going on. Images of the prints themselves will come later.
The Edinburgh Picture Album
by Barbara Mason

Wanda and Sharri on the first night at the French Bistro. Great food!

The invitation with Gayle Wohlken's print

Sharri helping hang the show

The workers at Marie Curie Center with wanda and Sharri

Here we are, just going into the opening of the show. Notice we are all in DRESSES!

Wanda, Leanne and Greg. Barbara (far right) and Paul in the back. He is a printmaker with Edinburgh Printmakers


Greg selling work. We sold 31 prints at the opening. Quite a few were Greg's. Could it have been the price? Or the excellent quality of the print? Or just all his friends buying one?

Greg giving his welcoming speech

Wanda, Lee and Sharri with the Edinburgh castle in the background. The park runs the full length of the city and is called Prince's Park. The Greek looking building at the foot of the hill is the art museum.