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  3. [Baren 24521] RE: Puzzle Expenses ("marilynn smih")
  4. [Baren 24522] Puzzle print ("Mary Kuster")
  5. [Baren 24523] Re: puzzle is traveling (Darrell Madis)
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Message 1
From: Mike Lyon
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 09:25:51 -0600
Subject: [Baren 24519] Puzzle Expenses
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Hey Puzzle Printers! I had NO idea the cost Maria was undertaking -- I
think I included $10 with my block when I sent it back to her, but maybe I
didn't even do that! So I just used PayPal to send Maria $50 to help
offset some of her expenses. I hope that you will send her a little
something extra, too, so she doesn't have to carry the entire financial
burden herself!

-- Mike

Mike Lyon
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Message 2
From: "Maria Arango"
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 08:04:14 -0800
Subject: [Baren 24520] RE: Puzzle Expenses
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Well, I was afraid this was going to happen...

The reason I published the cost/time is: I have received repeated
requests for financial information on the puzzle project, mostly from
printmaking teachers and professors. They wanted mostly to replicate the
project in one way or another and wondered about the time/cost
involvement. Rather than keep all those email addresses around in yet
another little group in my Outlook, I told them all to keep checking the
website and sometime after the project was completed I would publish the
info for reference purposes.

I also wanted to keep good track of things for future reference, maybe
with 44 participants or soish the thing to do next time is to have a $20
"participation" fee. This is a small amount per person and covers
everything. In any case, I went into the project knowing well that it
would cost me some and that's okay, really it is. Keep in mind that the
costs were spread out over 2 YEARS!!!!

Thanks all, thank you Mike very much (nothing like waking up to an email
box full of money), you are a generous soul.

Please, no more talk of money. If you want to do something productive to
benefit me, send the USPS a request to update their website so I can
print world postage and customs forms online, as for domestic postage
:-) Can you tell I hate Post Office lines?


Maria Arango
Las Vegas Nevada USA
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Message 3
From: "marilynn smih"
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 08:28:28 -0800
Subject: [Baren 24521] RE: Puzzle Expenses
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Maria I hope you do another puzzle print. Next time perhaps it could be an
official exchange so that costs could be calculated in advance and folks
would send in their share.

Yesterday I experienced a printmakers high. No wonder we do this crazy
stuff! For years I was a watercolorist the hardest, so they say, painting
medium. Than I start printmaking, nut case that I am. Than i decide I must
learn woodblock and than I decide I must learn this hanga stuff. Because
those water based inks are so like my watercolors and I love color. Than of
all things I decide that I must learn to use this method to make a reduction
plate and oops print. Yes I have tendancies toward suicide, just one of the
little things crazy artists have. It is like a disease this stuff, it
affects the mind and can become an obsession. People think you are really
nuts when it is 84 outside, with a slight wind off the sea of Cortez and you
could sit by the pool and read a trashy novel. But instead you go to a
dimly lit garage and put out inks, a baren and start plopping paper on a
"plate". But than when you start little joyful squeals of ,"it worked, it
worked", they really wonder if they should send you off to some institution
for the insane.
In reality I am slowly puttzing my way through this print between
redecorating, reading trashy novels by the pool and walking on the beach. I
found that indeed the paper does fine when allowed to dry and than is
rewetted. I found out how to get clean lines with that hanga knife, finer
and better than any v guage or u guage could ever produce. And yesterday
when I put a light blue ink over my deep yellow and it did indeed turn a
soft green I was in heaven. I have found my prnitmaking home.
The high is better than the sun , a trashy novel or the cold beer the crowd
sips in the warm weather. YEAH!!!
Now I can say keep printing, keep printing, keep printing. If you do one day
you will be the one squealing it worked it worked!
Marilynn, with a prnitmaking high in sunny baja

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Message 4
From: "Mary Kuster"
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 17:11:44 -0500
Subject: [Baren 24522] Puzzle print
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I have received my prints in the mail today. How wonderful!
Thank you so much for doing this. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.
Mary Kuster
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Message 5
From: Darrell Madis
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 14:24:45 -0800 (PST)
Subject: [Baren 24523] Re: puzzle is traveling
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My puzzle prints came today also. Absolutely fascinating, that was a great idea, Maria. Thanks for all your work on this.
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Message 6
From: Shireen Holman
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 17:35:45 -0500
Subject: [Baren 24524] puzzle prints
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I got my puzzle prints today - in person (? in print?) they are even better
than I thought they were from the pictures on line! Great job, Maria,
thanks! It's really interesting to see so many different personalities and
points of view.

Shireen Holman, Printmaker and Book Artist
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Message 7
From: slinders #
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 17:52:22 -0600
Subject: [Baren 24525] puzzle prints
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Hi, Maria and everyone!

My box of puzzle prints came today! They are amazing face to
face! It's fun to try to identify each participant's work
without referring to the key page!

I look forward to exhibiting these prints that tell so well our
'unity from such distances'. It will be wonderful to have them
accompanying our exchange prints!

Thanks everyone, and especially Maria! A big thanks also to
Barbara! What a terrific idea, and such a great completion to a
really MONUMENTAL project!

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Message 8
From: Jan Telfer
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 11:25:59 +0800
Subject: [Baren 24526] Re: Calendar Prints
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A big thank you to Julio for a wonderful collection of the five
calendars that I received in yesterday's mail...... It was a wonderful
innovation and I hope that Baren will organise more of these in the

It makes me feel part of a group that I have minimal contemporaries in
this isolated part of the world.

I am planning an exhibition to have in Perth here next year but already
I am feeling very scared about it, especially the 40% commission most of
the Galleries are charging, but the bigger galleries have a really
substantial invitation mailing list and that is what I am hoping will
give my woodblocks support here. I will probably come out oweing
money rather than gaining!!

But I also plan to have some of my hanga blocks on display so that
maybe there will be a greater appreciation for the process as well as
the print.

My Large Print Exchange print was one of several now in the process of
going into that exhibition.

So when the date is decided I would love to have you all down in
Western Australia on holidays....

Thank you again Julio for your work on the calendars and the prints
from everyone.
Well done.

Western Australia