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Message 1
From: L Cass
Date: Sun, 07 Nov 2004 11:51:16 -0500
Subject: [Baren 26374] Re: exchange prints
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Very well put, Barbara! (I've only met 2 bareners so far but feel I know a
number of you thru' the e-mails - it is indeed an amazing group!)
I just received the Surinomo portfolio and I add my thanks and compliments
to Bette for the great job in coordinating and making the delightful folder
and of course congrats to all the participating artists - I think it's the
best exchange yet. [I had received my package on Friday just before going
to teach my group (of seniors at a local community centre) and brought the
prints to inspire them in getting on with the Xmas card print project I'd
foisted on them - using 'Speedy Cut' blocks - none of these people knew a
thing about relief printmaking and were enthralled and definitely inspired
by the Surinomo prints which happily expanded their knowledge of art.

Does anyone get to see TVO in the U.S.? (it's Ontario's equivalent of PBS
but better -with documentaries, news and current events analyses plus many
varieties of original programmes) why I mention it is because last Thurs in
a series on Masterpieces of art it aired a doc made by the BBC on Hokusai's
"The Wave" which included much more of his art and life and showed the
worldwide influence of The Wave.-a really fascinating film .

Harry, bravo for showing the prints to your confrères - I have a question
re your 'green man' how did you apply the gold and silver leaf ?
was it done to each print after the colours were printed or??

One more item so I don't have to write again - I have to apologize to many
for not sending all my monkeys out and I shall do a quicker job with the
rooster I've started BUT I believe there are 21 (at last count) others
who'd signed up and haven't sent them out yet. My excuse is that I'd
printed all the necessary monkeys but since I handcoloured and mounted them
which was most time-consuming I only sent them out as I received them (very
bad form) -perhaps others are doing the same thing??!! Jean Womack,
Barbara Patera, Carole Baker -I received yours ages ago and mine'll be in
the post this week - Charles Morgan - did you receive my Monkey King? my
list has become a bit confused at this point in time. I am also wondering
who did the bl &wh of a large hairy monkey or chimp - head and shoulders
only with bamboo in background and 2004 on lower right -no signature but I
imagine it had arrived with another paper which I unfortunately misplaced.

Apologies for such a lengthy missile but I hope all concerned will reply
back to my ivory tower and my glacier series of ptgs now with regards to
all and thanks for the great prints
A special thanks to Dave Bull for starting all this in the first place!
Louise Cass
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Message 2
From: Barbara Mason
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2004 12:56:36 -0800 (PST)
Subject: [Baren 26375] monkeys, roosters and new work
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Don't feel bad about your monkeys....I am farther behind having sent none yet. The good news it they are all in the drying racks. Wahoo! A great feeling to see all those rows of prints lined up....

At this point I am sending them with the Roosters and am half done with those...I can hardly believe it since I was so late with the monkeys. This means all who signed up for the monkeys get a rooster even if they did not sign up for the rooster and vice versa.So far I have 61 people on this combined list and made 75 prints. So with luck no more than 75 will sign up for the rooster...of course I could print more, but you see how bad I was with the monkeys... :~)

I am loving having my studio right outside the back door....I have been in there daily. What a difference. My whole attitude has changed being in the studio every day.

Mike Lyon wanted to see me do some of the abstract solar plate work in woodblock and I am thinking on how I would do it. The problem is not the blacks and the lines but the varied colors of grays. I would want to do it without lots of blocks. Michael Schneider is my inspiration for doing this as I loved his work at the baren summit in Kansas City. Although he used rocks to beat his image into the wood, I will have to find another way, I don't think I have the strength for rocks...maybe a hammer. In case you have not seen any of Michael's work, he prints on oriental paper with waterbased ink, sort of burnishing the paper into the inked wood with a scrubbing brush from the back. A woodblock intaglio with a bokashi blending out on the edges.

As I remember he mounted the paper over a wooden frame with foil underneath to give it strength and I forget why else. You might be tempted to think Michael is using a rock because he has trouble carving...far from it. He is a very accomplished woodblock printmaker. In fact the carving lesson he gave me was the right info at the right time for me and helped me enormously, although it was only two minutes worth of his time.

Michael if you are reading this perhaps you can let us know what you are doing now. It was great to see your work and to see this waterbased process taken so far. We who were there thoroughly enjoyed your demo.

You can see some of Michael's work here I know Michael had an exhibit in Japan and teaches in the USA sometimes.

We need some info from our members to know what they are up to currently. I think we are all interested in each others accomplishments and struggles as well. All you lurkers out there, here is a chance to let us get to know you!
Best to all,
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Message 3
From: "Ewoud Bremer"
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 10:51:41 +0100
Subject: [Baren 26376] xxxxxxxxx
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