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  1. [Baren 28123] Going to Hawaii... (Lawrence Finn)
  2. [Baren 28124] Re: email art scam (Mary Brooks-Mueller)
  3. [Baren 28125] RE: Baren Digest (old) V31 #3090 ("marilynn smih")
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Message 1
From: Lawrence Finn
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 00:31:21 +1000
Subject: [Baren 28123] Going to Hawaii...
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Hi everyone

Just a note for you all as I am about to make a trip to Hawaii
(unfortunately what was planned as a holiday is now being bought forward as
an emergency trip to see my gravely ill grandfather). It may be that he
will be ok and if he is then I'd like to relax and see some of the local
artists and printmakers work (avoiding the tourist art of course). If it
goes badly for my grandfather, I won't see very much of the place at all
but I'm attempting positivity...

If any of you have contacts that might enjoy a little company or places
that you would recommend I ought to see, I would welcome the advice. I will
mostly be on Oahu (Honolulu) and the Big Island.

As an aside the political agendas exchange has been sent out and you can
see the final images at

It was a little disappointing only due to the large number of dropouts but
there were a few standout pieces that made the exchange more than worth while.


Lawrence Finn

PS please email me directly at (just to keep the
list free for the usual discussions about grants/awards, technique and paper).
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Message 2
From: Mary Brooks-Mueller
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 14:56:14 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [Baren 28124] Re: email art scam
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There is yet another way to get scammed. The con will
contact you stating they have seen your product on
your "website" and would like to place an order,
asking to be contacted by you and advised as to what
you have available for purchase and to discuss
payment, shipping etc. Actually, these scams are
pretty carefully worded and I think their translator
is pretty good. ---
I was in forensics long ago and have done background
on 4 of these for friends of mine; who have very nice
websites by the way. The cons originate out of
Nigeria, Thailand, Pakistan and the USA. This is a
money-laundering deal and mail fraud and I have sent
all of the emails with trailers, checks and all to the
USPS and the FBI. By the way, if you use PayPal, some
of these cons can hack your Paypal once you use it to
accept funds (checks). Paypal does have a pretty good
system check though and I continue to use it with no
trouble since I don't accept checks.
Mary Ann
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Message 3
From: "marilynn smih"
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 16:10:54 -0700
Subject: [Baren 28125] RE: Baren Digest (old) V31 #3090
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This is not about an art scam but about pay pal. I know it is not about woodblock or art per se, but warnings are warnings. While in Mexico I received a least a dozen notices from what was supposedly pay pal saying my account was being suspened and to go to an email link and resove the issue. When I went to the link I was asked for my social security number, my bank routing information and for the numbers on my checks. I replied that under no circumstances would I give anyone online this information and that it was not needed to use my credit card or make payments. I have sent copies of this to paypal and hotmail to no avail. And I have even recieved the notice after complaining. All I can say is beware of the information you give out, no one should ask you for this type of info. There is a little thing called identity theft and these are the
things they use to steal your identity. Please forgive me for a non woodblock message, but I do feel it is fare to warn others about this possible threat.