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Message 1
From: Ray Hudson
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 14:08:06 -0400
Subject: [Baren 28616] Josh's site
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Wow! Terrific prints, Josh. I especially was struck by the complexity
of "What is buried should stay."
And what a surprise at the end of the line of prints--
Ray Hudson,
Middlebury, Vermont
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Message 2
From: FurryPressII #
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 17:06:17 EDT
Subject: [Baren 28617] exchange arived
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nice prints folks enjoyed um

john center
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From: Blog Manager
Date: 27 Aug 2005 03:55:02 -0000
Subject: [Baren 28618] Baren Member blogs: Update Notification
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This is an automatic update message being sent to [Baren] by the forum blog software.

The following new entries were found on the listed printmaker's websites during the past 24 hours. (8 sites checked, just before midnight Eastern time)


Site Name: Wood Engraver

Author: Andy English
Item: Slow Inch by Slow Inch


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Message 4
From: Jan Telfer
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 21:00:44 +0800
Subject: [Baren 28619] Gadfly Exhibition
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Thank you, Jeanne, Mike, Ellen, Charles, Sue and Carol and many others
for your best wishes for this exhibition.
We have changed the opening date back to the 4th so you have an extra
day to get here now!! I am hoping to have some photos of the
exhibition hanging and will be happy to post them on to Blogs or some
web page somewhere.

The one I liked best Anna couldn't get on to the web page for some
reason. It is an A3 size in yellow red and purple of "Happy Birthday"
that I did on the computer and then put through photoshop wave filters,
then photocopied it off and transferred it to three wood blocks, cut
and printed it. The yellow background is very bright yellow bukashi'd
to orange with red lettering over it and a side band of purple......
I'll send it to Mr Blogs.

The Henry Lawson Poem that I think should go with this............

Unwritten Books

It always seems the same old story -
No matter what grand heights are won -
We die with our best work unwritten
We die with our best work undone.

Unwritten books unpainted pictures
In millions are, beneath the sun.
We die with our great thoughts unpublished
We die with our best work undone.

So, I am determined to keep at this woodblock printing thingo and Press
on.... this "poem" is not going to be be prepared for
the next exhibition!!

Thank you everyone.


>> Woodblock Exhibtion - Jan Telfer It does not open till 3rd
>> October............ so here is a limited preview: