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  1. [Baren 28653] LPE-3 Final Participant List (T & P Rashid)
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From: T & P Rashid
Date: Sat, 03 Sep 2005 00:23:17 -0400
Subject: [Baren 28653] LPE-3 Final Participant List
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LPE-3 Final Participant list

1. Sharen Slinders
2. Mellissa Read-Devine
3. Jan Telfer
4. John Center
5. Barbara Patera
6. Gilda Zimmerling
7. Jeanne Norman Chase
8. Princess Rashid
9. Rudolf Stalder
10. Eli Griggs
11. Dale Phelps
12. Julio Diaz
13. Gatto Gillyin
14. Mary Kuster

14 participants

My mailing address :

3338 Millcrest Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32277

Exchange review:

Deadline 01-octobre-05

Format : maximum size 22" x 30" (minimum 16" x 20")

Work must be sent in a "triangle" carton suitable for the return of works

Include address label with return postage

The theme will be open

Either Hanga or Western relief prints are ok

We have lost some but still have enough participants for a nice exchange.
We've had some health problems, moving readjustments, bad email addresses,
etc.. causing the reduced size of participants.

The deadline is still October 1,2005. If you have any trouble meeting the
deadline please contact me offlist.

I look forward to seeing and distributing all of your beautiful works.
All my future contact with the LPE3 group will be off the Baren list.

Thank you and good luck!

Princess Rashid
LPE3 Coordinator 2005