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From: Reneeaugrin #
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 12:27:08 EST
Subject: [Baren 29120] exchange 26 and other news
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Hello Fellow Bareneers,

Please bear with me for a moment. This situation is not unique, but rather
with the understanding that this could happen to anyone at anytime. Adding
to the human experience of living in the 21st century.

If you are in the neighborhood of Oregon Public Television you will be able
to watch how the governmental organization called 'Metro' will completely
change how areas near cities are developed. Our new city of Damascus is in the
center of this plan. Damascus was once rich farm land on the volcanic
foothills of the Cascade Mountains. So, you are wondering, how does this tie in
with woodblock prints or Baren?--My Mom's house, next door, and my 1925 cottage
with 80 year old trees, and a beautiful view, are in the way of a road
that seems to be vital to this new plan. This property is my childhood home and
inspiration for my work. Not only do I see the trees, experience the
seasons and enjoy the sunlight at the present, I also reach back and enjoy these
things again as I did as a child.

Yes, the new plan will be wonderful (theoretically) for those people who
will live here in 50 years from now ,but we all are being taxed (25% increase)
right out of the neighborhood in order to make way for the profitability of

All that said, could we as Baren have an exchange sometime that addresses
'progress', the value of our homes, what it means to own property, what is the
impact on individuals, on a community. There have been so many people
displaced this year already, hurricanes, earthquakes, terror and war--it could be
a point of inspiration or protest, of struggle or empowerment, as you can
imagine the range of emotions is great.

I hope to still be able to have guests next year for the summit. I hope to
be able to share the special beauty of this place with all of you before it
meets it's demise. Ah, the trees, well, if the trees are to meet an awful
end I am hoping that the cherry trees and others might have another life as
woodblocks and furniture. It is still hard to think of these things.

My print for exchange 26 will be in the mail this week.

Thank you all for listening.


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Message 2
From: Dayadevi Heart-Catterall
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 10:24:52 -0800
Subject: [Baren 29121] Re: Baren Digest (old) V33 #3243
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Is there a data base, to put our names and addresses in at this group.
I travel and would like to meet some fellow block printers, if and when
i am in their area.

please send me the site url as well as info on group list. thank you
~~ i can't find it on my computer ~~ old age thing. if i don't bookmark
it right away and put it on my "desktop/titlebar" it is gone~~~~~~~
thanks for any help

Peace Love and Blessings
Carlton, Or 97111(rollin ~~ tole-in down the road in a 40' tin box,
lovin' it!)
Arcata, California