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Message 6
From: "Frank Trueba"
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 06:07:27 -0700
Subject: [Baren 31339] Re: New Baren Digest (Text) V36 #3552 (Jul 21, 2006)
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Frank Trueba auto message re his being out of his work office from July 20 - August 4
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From: "Mike Lyon"
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 09:38:29 -0500
Subject: [Baren 31340] Paul Furneaux -- this just in...
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Some of you well remember Paul Furneaux – he and I met several years ago
just before the “Ink from Wood: Two Traditions” show at the Center for
Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk, CT. Paul was just moving out of the
newly remodeled CCP artist’s cottage and studio after his stint as artist in
residence there, and I was just moving in to teach my first workshop there.
Very nice guy and VERY nice woodcuts!

Paul asked me, “if you know anybody in this neck of the woods who might be
interested, I think the first weekend workshop with Wayne, Moya, and Ralph
will be great. It is booking up now.”





Seven International Artists Interpret Japanese Woodblock

1st - 27th August 2006

12- 6pm daily

Complete information:

5th & 6th August - Two Day Workshop in traditional Japanese print techniques
with Paul Kiggell, Moya Bligh, Wayne Crothers and Paul Furneaux.

£70 (concession £45). £20 deposit to book a place.

10am-6pm each day.

The workshop will instruct traditional Japanese print techniques and
introduce contemporary and innovative ways to create original prints.
Participants will become familiar with hand made Asian papers, use tubes of
watercolor, gouache and ground pigments, print with a hand held baren, use
traditional brushes to apply inks and various tools and chisels to carve the
wood in a free and expressive manner. After learning this historic
technique artists will create a print of their own creative imagery and
conceptual ideas.

The artists have all studied and researched Asian printmaking over the last
10 years. They use traditional Japanese printmaking materials and techniques
to create multi-colored artworks, installations and artists books that have
been awarded and exhibited both in Japan and internationally. This is a rare
opportunity to come and participate in a workshop in these traditional

This will be a 2-day event consisting of a morning of demonstrations by
Ralph, Wayne and Moya in various techniques followed by splitting the group
into 3 separate workshops which will run at the same time.

Paul Furneaux will also help with advice and technical assistance across the
3 workshops.

It is envisioned that the event will culminate in a very relaxed and
informal crit of the work produced and a question and answer session
followed by a glass of wine. The emphasis will be on fun and a playful
approach, however participants will be expected to roll their sleeves up and
engage with this unique event. Finally there will be a small tour of the
exhibition when you will be able to get a further insight to the work on

Mike Lyon
Kansas City, MO
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Message 2
From: Wanda Robertson
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 12:50:37 -0700
Subject: [Baren 31341] Re: Paul Furneaux -- this just in...
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Oh yeah, Barbara Mason & Sharri LaPierre & I got to meet Paul in
Edinburgh when we were there!
Wow, wish I could go back - Scotland is a wonderful country, full of
wonderful people!

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Message 3
From: Katie Bretsch
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 18:39:33 -0700
Subject: [Baren 31342] Felt
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Turns out the company I named doesn't offer felt pads. However, I found
these suppliers of technical felt for printing on the web. The first
one listed says small orders are a specialty.
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Date: 22 Jul 2006 03:55:06 -0000
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