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Message 1
From: "Wilson, Cyndy"
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 13:48:24 -0800
Subject: [Baren 32469] Re: new year card exchange
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Unfortunately I'm in the same boat as Colleen. I promise that dogs and
piggies will be on their way pretty soon.

With red face and regrets!

Cyndy Wilson
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Message 2
From: ArtfulCarol #
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 17:14:50 EST
Subject: [Baren 32470] Question for Alphabet Bareners and more
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Before I commit a fatal cutting error I need to make sure about the margins.
Is it correct to leave an extra 1" on the right side of the paper, which
will wind up on the left to make room for the binding? But those not
intending to make a book will have uneven vertical margins. .
How did we decide to do this??. I would prefer to have a print with even
left and right margins and it isn't too late.

To all the new and old Bareners, what good work!. It continually amazes me,
especially that you new people say that this is your first effort.

Here's hoping that you who had accidents recently have a quick
recuperation..Yes, you can work with the other hand , or foot, and lots of art doesn't
require pressure.

I got the Z's
z z z z z z z
Carol L.
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Message 3
From: Wanda Robertson
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 15:59:12 -0800
Subject: [Baren 32471] Re: I am still alive
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Gosh, Robert, take care of yourself & get well soon. We will all be
rooting for you!

Those of you apologizing for your late dogs, roosters, piggys - I can't
wait to see them! Yippee, more beasties in my post office box!

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Message 4
From: cucamongie #
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 21:45:51 -0500
Subject: [Baren 32472] Year of the Boar
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Thanks Ann for your nice words about my print, I am looking forward to receiving yours and everyone else's :)

There were about 12 new people just added to the year of the boar list so I'll get this batch out soon.

happy holidays everyone,

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Message 5
From: Charles Morgan
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 19:44:39 -0800
Subject: [Baren 32473] Re: Post - New member.
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Hello Laine,

There are many ways to preserve that edge, and I am sure others will have suggestions.

I think one of the easiest is to use double backed tape or repositionable glue to fasten a false straight edge to the back of the paper. Then you can use whatever registration suits you ... carved kento, registration board, pin registration, etc. When you are finished, simply carefully remove the false straight edges. However, this method does not work well if you are using dampened paper, as tape and glue do not hold well on dampened paper.

As an alternative, you can use a light duty plastic clamp ... sort of like a "bull dog" clip, or the clip on a clip board. I buy them here in "dollar" stores ... I think they are meant for clamping plastic bags. Attach the clip firmly to a piece of mat board, or something similar, put your paper in the clamp, and use the edge of the mat board as your false straight edge for kento, or pin registration, etc. In fact, you could use the clamps to clamp you paper to a piece of mylar or acetate a bit larger than your paper to make handling a bit easier. The mylar will protect the back of your paper when using a baren, but will make it difficult to do some of the fancier things that are possible with a baren. Just be careful that your paper does not shift in the clamps. If you cannot find these wide clips, just use a pair of standard bull dog clips. If you complete each print separately, you will need only one long clip (or pair of small clips) and straight edge. If you want to do all in the edition one color, then move to the next color block, etc., then you will need a separate clamp and straight edge for each sheet in your edition. The clamp will probably leave a mark on the edge of your paper, but it can be smoothed out by ironing it when it is dry.

I'd love to see your work...... have you got a link?

I do, and I don't ... My sweetie gave me a website and a promise a couple of years ago ... she is now embarrassed that it is not done and is working on it again. I have hopes it will be up before much longer. The address is:

You can see some of my work in previous exchanges. I have been in 14, 14a, 15, 26, and 29. I am also a member of the Nature Printing Society. You can see a couple of my pieces on their website:

Just click on "members gallery" on the left and page down to me.

Cheers ...... Charles

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Message 6
From: Blog Manager
Date: 20 Dec 2006 04:55:15 -0000
Subject: [Baren 32474] Baren Member blogs: Update Notification
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This is an automatic update message being sent to [Baren] by the forum blog software.

The following new entries were found on the listed printmaker's websites during the past 24 hours. (26 sites checked, five minutes before midnight Eastern time)


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Item: Notes From A Cold Studio


Site Name: Mike Lyon's Moku Hanga

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Item: "Jim" large scale pen and ink drawing


Site Name: Belinda Del Pesco Fine Art Blog

Author: bdelpesco
Item: She Saw it was Good: Collaborative Monotype & Colored Pencil

Author: bdelpesco
Item: Property Line: Watercolor

Author: bdelpesco
Item: Determined Woman: Monotype

Author: bdelpesco
Item: Woodcut: Master Printmaker


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Message 7
From: "Mark Mason"
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 11:57:03 -0000
Subject: [Baren 32475] My first little print.
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Hi everyone,

I've just uploaded my FIRST tiny print (6.5 x 5 cms) entitled "Catching Snowflakes" onto the Baren Blog for everyone to have a peep at.
As I mentioned, it's just a simple little image for a Christmas card for close friends and family, but also a Christmas card to all Baren members via the Blog.

3 blocks, blue printed twice with some gradation, and overprinted with red to create the coat colour. The pink tongue was on the red block.
Printed with watercolour. Next time I'm going to do something larger, brushing such small blocks was very fiddly.

Merry Christmas everybody,