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Message 1
From: MarianaBartolomeoBrooksmueller
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 19:39:50 -0800 (PST)
Subject: [Baren 34595] Re: To Bea about possible summit
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I am out of the loop alot. Can you tell me what goes on at a summit?
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Message 2
From: Jason VanDeusen
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 20:03:10 -0800 (PST)
Subject: [Baren 34596] Introduction and a Crit Please
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Hello all

First off an introduction, My name is Jason VanDeusen
I am a Student at Grand Valley State University in
Allendale Michigan. I am finishing my 5th and final
year with my senior show coming up in April. Things
only get busy from here on out.

My Background is in illustration but I also pursue
fine art. I also will be approaching illustration in a
non-traditional way. I hope to balance both upon
graduation. My specialty is relief printmaking. I
discovered relief at the end of my intro to
printmaking class in late 2005, after that I was

My work has come along way in this short time. I like
to do larger block prints using MDF. Its cheap and
easy to cut, by working larger I can get the detail I
need. I have done two 5’ wide by 3’ tall mdf cuts. My
second large MDF cut titled “The Last Michigan
Grayling” is a very important work for me, it
represents a important starting point both formally
and conceptually in my work. I print all of my work by
hand (yes even the large ones) using a ball bearing
baren. I tend to favor Japanese roll papers due to the
scale that I work at and the cost savings. Ink wise I
have been experimenting with many inks to find one
that I really like. I have invested a lot of time,
effort and money into my ink testing. After trying
many types and brands I’m still not happy. I have
pages of notes and thoughts on the subject, progress
has been slow but I will keep with it.

Eventually I want to purchase a printing press. I am
going to save and buy a higher quality one rather than
buy a cheaper press right now.

I am interested in many different subjects and ideas
and I look forward to my newer works that I have been
keeping track of in my future idea book, my goal for
my gallery work to win some competitions and then
start to show nationally.

Color printmaking is also another big thing for me to
get down and I want to work on this harder in 2008. It
has been difficult without a press when using color

I could go on and on but I will save my future book
length posts for other topics.


I am looking for two simple critics of my work. I
would like to know/hear about the following things.

- What print is the strongest? The Weakest? And Why?
- If I had to redo a print which one would you
- Any other suggestions and or thoughts

Feel free to post them here. It will be interesting to
hear from a few of you.

My portfolio can be found at my website

My printmaking blog can be found at:

I look forward to posting more in the future
Jason VanDeusen