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From: legreenart #
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2008 20:34:40 -0700
Subject: [Baren 35637] RE: New Baren Digest (Text) V43 #4320 (Apr 12, 2008)
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I believe that is the one meant for monotprinting, it is not able to provide enough presseure for tradiditonal etching. If you could get it that tight, you would not be able to turn the roller. the roller is too small and it does not have the gears. I have one as well.

You need a better press if you want to really get into etching with it, and that is why people spend so much money and effort to get better presses.

Assuming you know about etching in general, blankets and dampening paper, thin paper and soft ink are the modifidations you can try. However, I can get some success with for classes and demos by using a thin japanese paper or copyier office bind paper, and waterbased ink.Yours,Le Green-SchubertStoneMetal Press Printmaking
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