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  3. [Baren 36159] Marias´ Cairn signed for next proyect (guadalupe victorica reyes)
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Message 1
From: Annie Bissett
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 09:48:01 -0400
Subject: [Baren 36157] Re: Binder and Guerra pigment dispsersions Re: Brown gum arabic powder
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Alex wrote:
"the [Guerra] pigments have a more pronounced rewetting effect than
Akua Kolors. Would this be alleviated by using a binder? I'm a little
worried about offsetting."

Where/how do you notice the rewetting properties? Are you getting
offsetting from print to print as you stack them, or is ink from a
previous printing transferring to the block as you print new colors?
I've never had problems with offset from print to print, but
occasionally I do get some transfer from a print onto a block. This
happens most often when I've printed a dark color and then tried to
print a lighter one afterwards. In general I try to print light to
dark, with blacks and dark blues printed last when possible. I also
try to print large areas first and small details last.

It's also possible that your paper is too wet. The paper should be
barely damp, never wet.

I've never used a binder other than rice paste, so I can't speak
about binders. I do know that a number of Bareners prefer methyl
cellulose to rice paste -- you might try searching the forum archives
for posts about that.

Annie B
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Message 2
From: lunar_project23 #
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 07:19:01 -0700
Subject: [Baren 36158] Re: THE CAIRN !!! WOW!
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Dear Baren Printmakers,

I am just home from my night job in a warehouse, tired and ready for
some morning slumber- But i had to write at least briefly to thank
the beautiful and talented Maria. Thank you dear lady of the desert!
This is the largest print I have, and so fascinating to study! The
colophon pages are beautiful. There are so many little treasures in
the print. I took it to my local pub, the Rubicon Brewery, where I
had drawn the picture of Carol I used in my block. It was so large I
had to unroll it onto two 4-top tables to be able to see it at all. A
few friends got to see it and were mightily impressed. Without
looking them up right now, I was really taken by the fishing boat
with the net, the stories about the baby animal and the rock rat,
Jean Womack's fantastic birdwoman, and so many others- as Sue
Salsbury said its a wonder so many could produce the work not knowing
what it would look like entire...I was overwhelmed, and once again
thanked the cosmos, and David Bull, for the Baren Forum.The Cairn
ROCKS!!!Sorry for the pun- I once submitted ten puns to a contest
hoping one of them would win , but I'm afraid no pun in ten did. (It
is apropos to groan at this point)...

I am seeking a gallery or museum in town to show it. Major props
to each of you printers that contributed. Also Maria , you set the
bar very high for acts of love abd craftsmanship- and Mike Lyon,
damn, dude you always pull something out of the hat- quite the
inventor you are.

What a group- and what a fine print to demonstrate the fact. I hope
to write more soon about this, a piece of paper I will treasure all
my life.

Respect and salutations to all my baren friends!

Robin Morris
Sacramento, California USA

PS I'm dropping by after 5 next- hope to raise a glass w some of you
there, a toast to art, craft, comeraderie, and old friends who would
have loved to see this print, and must be looking on from printmaker
heaven with satisfaction at this amazing tribute from us, to us!
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Message 3
From: guadalupe victorica reyes
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 15:40:39 +0000
Subject: [Baren 36159] Marias´ Cairn signed for next proyect
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Hello Maria: Congratulations for all your received compliment for the Cairn. Is there a waiting list where I can put my name for the next Cairn? I mentioned that I have started to get into shape with the wood carving again. My next print for the exchange 38 will be in wood, American or Brazilian wood is what we can find most accessible for carving here.
Best Regards, Guadalupe
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Message 4
From: "Maria Arango"
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 10:33:28 -0700
Subject: [Baren 36160] Cairn, thanks all
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Well, I'm happy that the Cairn is making it into everyone's happy homes.
Thanks everyone for letting me know.

The amazing thing to me about the project (other than none of my rescued
cats managed to, er, "mark" the pile of prints, I had nightmares about that)
is what some of you have mentioned already: how well the whole image works
despite each image being created in its own little corner of the world.

The whole image together is really amazing in every sense of the word. How
can this be? As artists we spend uncanny amounts of time pre-thinking every
image, balancing the pos/neg space, darks and lights, etcetera. The Cairn
(and Puzzle before it) just throws together a bunch of unrelated
compositions and somehow, it all works. Kind of cool, if you ask me. I think
we're on to something, as they say in the art world.

So anyway, moving right along, I am indeed starting the thinking phase on
the next massive collaboration but it will be a little while yet before I
take up enrollment. I'm thinking of opening the project to other groups as
well, mostly in order to get more foreign participation. Make it more of a
"world" collaboration, we need more of those, these days. The logistics of
"trusting" non-Baren printmakers to come up with a block, contribute, return
things relatively on time, etc., might get a little dicey so I'm still
thinking hard about the pros and cons.

Along those lines, I need some input. I am going to start up a non-profit
organization to "house" these type of project. I think these are going to
deserve their own place in the web and the world of art and non-profit
status will allow me to pursue funding from the NEA and other art-related

I will need a name.

So, my friends, your mission, if you wish to undertake it, is to find an
acronym related to printmaking with some requirements/limitations:

-the acronym must be related to printmaking and/or this type of project,
think IMPRESS (International-Monumental-Puzzle-R-E-S-S..???) , IMPRINT,
PRESSINGS, PUZZLE, etc. It could be a made up word like, IMPUZZLE or

-the acronym must contain most of the concepts of what we are doing
(although words may vary): collaboration or collective, international or
worldly, puzzle or piece, printmaking or print or block, large or massive,

-an alternative would be something akin to the word 'cairn' which all by
itself means a large collection of unrelated pieces from a bunch of
strangers making up a massive whole, print-cairn? World-Cairn?

Let's see what you can come up with. You can email me ideas off list if you
want at maria[at]mariarango[dot]com.

Let's play!


Maria Arango
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Message 5
From: "Maria Arango"
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 11:55:48 -0700
Subject: [Baren 36161] RE: Cairn Package
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I'm thinking of mounting mine either on the ceiling of the studio under a
plexi-box of sorts or behind the door. I have three doors in the studio, one
has glass so that's out. But the door to the back-yard and the door
connecting to the house are both 36" which would make them perfect. Would
have to be a custom made frame and plexi, but that's where the jack-hammer
comes in (well, hammer, anyway!).

I actually think I should build a gallery just for Baren prints and
collaborations, we certainly have enough.

Sign-ups for the next upcoming in a month or so. I'm catching my breath and
healing the printing-elbow and packing-cardboard injuries.


Maria Arango
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Message 6
From: Nancy Osadchuk
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 12:40:06 -0600
Subject: [Baren 36162] The Cairn Project
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Maria! The work you have done is amazing...I received the Cairn prints
today and they are just wonderful. Now I have read your latest about the
project, and looked at the postage for Int'l parcels, ( and other costs). I
am glad you included the actual costs, and was quite surprised that
participants didn't send more money. Since I know I didn't send enough to
cover the postage for mine, I am going to send something more via Paypal.
Obviously participants didn't estimate cost quite closely enough. We should
keep that in mind for the next exchange of any kind.
Again, congratulations on a great job well done...and to Barbara for her
help too.
Nancy O
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Message 7
From: "Robert Viana"
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 17:19:28 -0200
Subject: [Baren 36163] Re: [Baren 36161] RE: Cairn Package
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I got my cairn packages yesterday and I have to say it is AWESOME!
Great job to all the participants and a FANTASTIC job to you Maria (and helpers, if any) for printing it.

Robert Viana
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Message 8
From: "Maria Arango"
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 12:46:25 -0700
Subject: [Baren 36164] RE: The Cairn Project
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Thanks Nancy, your contribution is much appreciated.
These projects are partly and happily sponsored by other participants and
me. Many participants sent above and beyond their costs; I think everyone
understands that not everyone can do this and so the extra contributions
become a "sponsorship" of someone else.
Three participants in particular sent in a very generous gift to the
project, Diane Cutter, AEleen Frisch and Wouter ten Broek. There were others
who sent at least double what their own expenses would be, namely Barbara
Mason, Charles Morgan, Daryl DePry, Dale Phelps, Doug Haug, Sue Salsbury.
Forgive me if I neglected to mention anyone. Everyone else who sent more
than their own expenses showed the spirit of the collaboration and I'm
thankful to everyone. I'm very happy to pick up the slack.

I will also mention here that Graphic Chemical & Ink awarded the project
with a generous discount on the paper. Thanks Dean and Co.!

In the interest of financial transparency and to help others who may be
thinking of actually undertaking one of these projects, I have again added
to the webpage the final financial report.

Thanks all again,

Maria Arango
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Message 9
From: AEleen Frisch
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 16:21:50 -0400
Subject: [Baren 36165] RE: The Cairn Project
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Just received my copy. Truly awesome! What struck me was the number of
places where adjacent blocks ended up sharing one or more thematic
characteristics (e.g., BL7-8: woman with outstretched hands; TC3-4:
portraits; BM1-2: pointy structures; BN2-4: stacked rocks; etc. etc.)

Fabulous job Maria! Muchas gracias bella mujer!

AEleen Frisch

AEleen Frisch, Ph.D.
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Message 10
From: Diane Cutter
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 13:37:07 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [Baren 36166] Re: The Cairn Project
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All these Cairn comments are driving me crazy... I haven't gotten mine yet! Please, please Mr. Postman, look and see... do you have a print for me...