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Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 22:09:28 -0400
Subject: [Baren 36300] Re: printing with shallow carving
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Hi David, much of what has been posted is good info. The firm roller
is one of the first things, that and smooth paper. I find that with
very fine lines the viscosity of the ink is very, very important;
thinner inks will plug your lines.
I'm wondering about your plate itself; it may be that because because
of your design you can't roll the brayer down evenly all the way
along the plate and the slight tilt of the brayer forces ink into the
shallower grooves. You can remedy that by having on each side of your
carved plate a plate the same height as your carved plate. These
other plates, they're called 'bearer bars', ensure that your pressure
is even across your carved plate. You can then concentrate on the
issues of ink viscosity & paper dampness. I use strips of plate about
2" wide, enough to make them stable.
I find dampened paper picks up ink quite well but it doesn't allow
super tight register on multiple colours. I wet every other sheet,
sandwich them together and put the whole stack in a garbage bag
overnight to get light but quite homogenous dampening.

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Date: 1 Aug 2008 03:55:39 -0000
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