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Message 1
From: "Harry French"
Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2011 14:01:36 GMT
Subject: [Baren 44335] Resending update of prints
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Greetings Bareners,
I sent the email below to you on the second of October and it never appeared in the digest that I received the following day or even today. I presumed that I had misdirected it somehow with my new up to date computer, but a member contacted me off line about my latest prints ...strange.
I’ll have another bash at it : here goes.
I am still struggling with software manuals,but I have managed to upload my latest prints to my website.
They are the final experiments with lino/caustic soda and overprinting with Perspex ( Plexiglas.. in US? ) engraving. They are variable in standard, but I thought you may be interested to see them.
I had hoped to return to more traditional methods until I read and viewed the hyperlink and comments made on coke and kitchen foil lithography!!
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Message 2
From: Deb Strong Napple
Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2011 15:12:37 GMT
Subject: [Baren 44336] Re: bunny hop
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I am a former lurker who just signed up for exchange #51. This will be my first, and from the comments I have read here, I can't wait! It will be exciting to see everyone's work.

Deb Strong Napple
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Message 3
From: Barbara Mason
Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2011 15:33:36 GMT
Subject: [Baren 44337] Re: bunny hop
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Good job Deb, you will be glad you signed up! The prints are always amazing. I am debating signing up....I am doing an artist's book with two other collaborators that is due finished in February and it will be about 350 hours of printing with a press..50 books times 14 intaglio a busy winter for me. Can I really do another 31 woodblock prints? Maybe if I had a good solid image in mind...that is always hardest.... when you can do anything your mind just goes blank! I have a while to think about this. I took a few years off but am now excited about doing them again. Hummmmm. Maybe a dragon....
My best to all and hope to see more people signed up..there are only about 10 or less so far
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Message 4
From: Joe Martin
Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2011 17:01:50 GMT
Subject: [Baren 44338] exchange 49
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I got my package of prints yesterday. Great job, Monica. Thank you so much.

It's a really nice group of prints! So much variety, I think I will spend quite a bit of time looking at them. Chris Doogan's print, Puddle Jumping, was the first one that caught my attention -- the grain of the wood works as the rain, which is very cool.

Suzi SM

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