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Subject: New Colorway
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Working on a new colorway.  The reddish yellow didn't thrill me.  This is a brown made from yellow, blue, red (touch of black) with red tapped in on the wings.  I'm liking it.

Made a greeny brown with yellow and black, it was too green so I added blue and red.  I'll probably leave the black out on the next pass.

This is still on kozo, which I'm not sure I'll be using.  I want to try some Arches 88 before I decide.  Time to cut down paper and see.

But first some more brown prints on kozo.  It's addictive.  ;-]

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Subject: Summer is here!
Posted by: Dave Bull

And just when you thought it was all over!

Summer officially arrived at the Mokuhankan workshop yesterday afternoon, with the delivery of a small package from printer Tetsui-san.

Relax in the cool breeze of evening, sitting behind your sudare (bamboo screen) ... take a visit to one of the fireworks festivals on the river ... or join the crowds of kids on vacation down at the aquarium, where you can have an 'encounter' with a species from another world!    :-)

Yes, better late than never (is it?), the Summer Senshafuda set has finally arrived, and is now being prepared for shipping (our wrapping lady Yasui-san has been waiting patiently for over two months for this!).

In the (unlikely) event that there is still anybody out there waiting for these to arrive, you can find them on this page of the Mokuhankan website.

(And when I get a minute, I'll post something in the comments below about what has happened to put us in this ridiculous situation ... and where we are going from here.)

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Subject: Carrying on in Studio V
Posted by: Sherrie Y

Work routines in Studio V are starting to take shape, although there are still a number of details that need attention. Lighting is chief among them, and I hope to have some solutions in place in the next few days.

The new workbench works a treat, although I'm wishing now it were a little deeper. Might have to go back and see if I can't talk Ves out of the larger door/tabletop he has at the shop. Yesterday I bought a "stall mat" from the farm store and this morning the DM cut it down to a fit-in-front-of-the-workbench size. I'm hoping it's going to make my feet happier the next time I stand printing for 8 hours.

In between all the space-tweaking I'm still getting work done. Last week's 130+ tiny prints remain scattered over most horizontal surfaces. They're dry to the touch, but I'll wait a few more days before I package them up and send them to the exchange coordinator.

Coming up this Wednesday I'll be giving a printmaking demonstration at the monthly meeting of the Pikes Peak Watercolor Society, so yesterday I got down to work on a small (5 x 7 inches) linocut that I think I'll use at the presentation. Maybe. I never finished the piece I used as a demo at Birds in Art last month, so I might use that instead. It all depends on how things go tomorrow.

This morning I did a little damage control creative problem solving on the new print... by the second color I realized I had accidentally removed a section of lino prematurely. Oops. No problem, though. I had another uncarved block of the same dimensions! I made a stencil for the areas I wished to print, inked the uncarved block, and printed from it for color #3.

Good thing I had an uncarved block of the same dimensions.
I needed it to print from a stencil. Aka: covering up a boo boo.

Here we are with four passes down. My apologies for the worse-than-normal image quality here. My little point-and-shoot camera turned its toes up a couple of weeks ago and I haven't been able to replace it yet. I've been borrowing the DM's even older camera and I haven't yet come to terms with its particular idiosyncrasies.

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