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From: Graham Scholes
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2011 16:47:58 GMT
Subject: [Baren 44547] Professional tools.
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If you have wanted to get a set of Shimizu Hamono professional carving tools, you can
contact Noboru Sawai in Vancouver BC.

Noboru is downsizing and offers his supply of new tools at 50% discount.

Please contact him at

Graham Scholes

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Subject: Tighter Sketch
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Christmas card sketch - tighter.

Might even just give a hint of a curve to the window and make it even tighter. Have to see. Currently I'm googling xmas trees and ornaments and cartoony mice for inspiration.

I'd like to use some color, either tapped in or using two blocks.

I like tradition ornaments, old-fashioned ones like dried fruit and nuts, candy canes, gingerbread cookies. Another possibility is ornaments to highlight people's hobbies, or devices. Not enough room for everyone's tho, so maybe not. Lights, candles. Lots of ideas to consider.

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Subject: Year of the Rabbit / Ano del conejo
Posted by: Diane Cutter

?Year of the Rabbit MMXI? ~ 'Ano del conejo MMXI'
Woodcut ~ Grabado en madera
Image size/tamano del imagen: 4 5/8? x 4?/12cm x 10cm
Edition:  43 + 1 AP (for me/para mi)

For the Year of the Rabbit I was heavily inspired by printmaker Diana Moll?s blog with her menagerie of adorable rabbits.  How can one do better  thanthat?  so this became a cuddly rabbit waiting to see if you would try to pick him up.  I actually wanted to title it ?Year of the Moll-haired Rabbit? but realized I don?t know what a mohair looks like and I didn?t want insult Diana?s furry friends.

This is the first time in ages that I kept the edition size down to exactly the number in the exchange.  I like the idea of them being special and limited to only my Baren friends.   Also I love the idea that this block is now cancelled ... very liberating.


Para el Ano del Conejo me inspiro muchisimo el blog de Diana Moll con su coleccion de conejitos lindos.  Como puede uno mejorar a este...  entonces este es un conejo adorable, esperando a ver si lo recojas para acariciarlo.  En realidad quise titularlo 'Year of the . . .
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Subject: Gift Print off to an excellent start ...
Posted by: Dave Bull

Our Gift Print 'season' is off to an excellent start; the order page has been open for just one week now, and we've sent out just about 50 prints so far.

Back in May I showed you this photo of 'helper' lady Yasui-san, as she prepared the folders for our first Senshafuda print set:

She did an excellent job with those, so I co-opted her to do the wrapping of all this year's Gift Prints. Here's the batch of them she finished up a few days ago:

We've got four different styles of wrapping paper on hand this year, and that makes it easy for us to keep track of which package contains which print (there are four different designs on the Gift Print page).

I'm very happy with her work. She gets them folded so the flaps meet up just perfectly!

I'm not sure what to add about the level of inventory we have on hand. I don't want to get into an "Order now before they are all gone!" type of spiel, but there is no question that after this very quick start, it is quite possible that we are going to run out before we reach the post office mailing deadline for overseas Xmas mail in early December. Should we get the blocks out again? ...

(PS: you can always check our remaining inventory of any Mokuhankan print on this page.)

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Subject: Last printing of "Shiny Things"

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Subject: Christening of New Press!

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