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From: Carole Dwinell
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 19:41:53 GMT
Subject: [Baren 44659] Inspired by Japan
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Was wondering how the prints/fundraising for 'Inspired by Japan' was
doing. Any news?


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Subject: Undercolors
Posted by: Annie B

Here's some progress on my Pyramid print made over the Thanksgiving long weekend. There are 5 layers of color (the two areas of blue are slightly different and printed separately).

If you look at the original pyramid and eye motif on the dollar bill (left), you'll see that I've enlarged the amount of space between the bottom of the pyramid and the "eye of God" that hovers above it. You'll also see that I've given the God's eye some skin tone and iris color. There will be a small human figure standing in that enlarged space, on top of the unfinished pyramid. But first, I'll be working with the "sky" and the falling stars.

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Subject: White Line
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Block is stained and when it's dry I'll transfer the cartoon.  I've decided to do a white line woodcut and ink it up and print it in two passes.  This is pretty much what I do when I tap in colors and print at once, but this will be more like carving two blocks.  I'll still have to take care with alignment.

Tempus fugit.  Sure don't want it to frangit!  ;- j

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Subject: Dive Bomber
Posted by: Robert Simola

5" x 6" cherry wood block print

At one time there was a hummingbird feeder close to our patio.  Things were just fine as long as the feeder was kept full, but if it was empty the hummers would either hover a couple of feet over my head while I was sitting on the patio and yell at me or would engage in aerial acrobatics and behave like miniature dive bombers telling me in no uncertain terms that they were very unhappy their feeder was empty.

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