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Subject: Block Two
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Still on block two.  Ornaments isolated.  Now working on the window and the mice. 

Then I can make a test print for placement.  Still have to carve ornament holes in the first block.

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Subject: Coming Soon?

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Subject: Gratuitous bid to distract readers from the other piece in progress
Posted by: Sherrie Y

The second-to-last color went down on the epic eucalyptus-leaves-and-other-washed-up-stuff linocut today, but I think I'm going to save the reveal until the piece is completely resolved. It looks pretty funky at the moment.

In the meantime, here's another print I've been working on. It's just 5 x 7 inches (the "currently funky" piece is 9 x 12) and I'm printing it on Rives lightweight... not the problematic Hosho.

The first three passes were pretty uninteresting, so you didn't see them individually. The VERY first pass was white... which might seem odd. But the Rives lightweight is a creamy color and the image called for a section that was pretty darn white, so I cut a mask and printed a small area. I also masked the green shape, since it was limited to just this rectangular area of the image. Over both went a transparent blue. You can barely see any of it here.

Color passes 1, 2, and 3

Next, a transparent ochre-to-gray blend.

Pass #4 is a blended roll

And then a transparent purple-blue.

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Subject: For nature lovers, two refreshing outdoor nooks within our City
Posted by: Maria

Gillyin Gatto always delights with her view of the world from the "bobcat path". From Machias, Maine USA, her breath of nature:

My block, situated at the very top, seemed like an ideal place for a SOLAR panel. Hopefully our CITY OF THE WORLD will be using the free power of the sun for all its electrical needs.I carved my "my cousin" Vinnie sitting up on the roof of my dome, where he likes to sun himself beside my solar array. Cats have always been aware of the sun's energy! I have had solar power since '94 and would urge everyone to give it a try. The idea is not for corporate giants to make millions off the sun-that is greed. The idea should be for MANY individuals to incorporate solar on their own homes.Instead of purchasing that next new car-why not go solar and never have another electric bill, never lose power in storms , be totally independent and off grid? it is a mater of priorities-do we want to change the world for the better or keep on polluting with fossil fuels ?

If i can do it in Maine , living halfway between the equator and the north pole , certainly those living in the 'sun belts' can do it too. GO SOLAR !

Sherrie York from Salida, Colorado USA sends her view of the city. I borrowed some of the images from Gillyin's paper as a background. Having driven through Salida often on my way across the country, I can just feel the beautiful surroundings of the Rocky Mountains and listen to the trickling roar of the river.

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