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Message 1
From: Hannah Skoonberg
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2011 13:28:20 GMT
Subject: [Baren 44750] Exchange 50
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So my print exchange arrived in the mail and wow... Lots of amazing prints
here. (Andy English... holy cow)
I was wondering what people thought about displaying these. I know the ATC
community tends to favor book album format but I am a fan of the classic
frame. How big would you mat something like this. The super small size is
throwing off my sense of what is a reasonable border size....

Anyhow I will definitely be signing up for some more print exchanges in the

Hannah Skoonberg
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Message 2
From: "Haines, Annette"
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2011 22:12:27 GMT
Subject: [Baren 44751] Re: Exchange #50
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A stupendous exchange - I will be studying and learning from this little
box of prints for years! Thank you to all who participated and especially
to Gayle. Wow!

Annette Haines

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Subject: Xmas Card - Second Block
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Second block printed (all at once, as the rainy weather kept the ink from drying out).  8-]

I think the project was an overall success (altho at this point all I see are the glaring errors).  ;- j

Now I wait for them to dry and then scan them into the computer and start making the xmas cards with Vista Print.  I am so behind on this project.  I think the xmas cards are going to be new year's cards this year.  ;- y

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Subject: Two special visitors today ...
Posted by: Dave Bull

Today was planned to be a simple, peaceful day of printing work. I had hoped to do the final impressions on the last batch of the Ito Jakuchu image, and Tsushima-san was planning to do another impression (or more) on the new year presentation print. But neither of us was able to get our work done properly, at least this morning. Two visitors 'intruded'.

The first was 'someone' who came by yesterday afternoon for a very quick visit - too quickly for me to grab my camera. But he came again this morning while I had the webcam running, so I quickly turned the camera to point out the window as he strolled by ...

I'm not exactly sure what this is, beyond that it is a 'heron' type of bird. I sometimes see a similar one (but grey) and I might guess that would be an egret, but I think this white one is probably a heron.

I have learned not to even bother trying to go outside to take a proper photo. The instant I turn the doorknob and begin to open the door, no matter how quietly, he is off. These photos are snaps taken from the preserved webcam footage. If you want to see him walk by, I have saved the video clip over at my Ustream channel.

As for our second visitor ... if you have watched that video, you will have heard her (little) voice, as she talked to her mother ...

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Subject: Delight by post
Posted by: Sherrie Y

Some embiggification is possible with clicking.

For the last several days folks on the Barenforum listserv have been gleefully announcing the arrival of prints from the most recent exchange. Perhaps you remember this project... 101 prints just 3.2 x 3.5 inches in size, sent off to a brave coordinator to be collated and returned as a set of 100 unique images.

"Wonderful!" the other participants exclaimed. "Beautiful, fascinating..." and all other sorts of superlatives.

But my mailbox remained empty and all I could exclaim was, "But where are mine?" (Pout. Pout.)

Today, however, I finally joined the ranks of happy exchangers. The long-anticipated parcel arrived, and in it was a lovely custom-made box, crafted for each exchange participant by our intrepid coordinator, Gayle Wohlken. (Above and beyond the call of duty, methinks.)

Within the ribbon-tied box (which you can just make out in the upper corner of the table in the photo above) was the most delightful assortment of woodcuts... single-color to bazillion-color, printed on everything from the most delicate translucent sheets to glossy cardstock. Every single one is charming, and the variety is utterly inspiring. It was all I could do to keep from running straight out to the studio after I spread them all out on the dining table. (Actually, I apologize . . .
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