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From: Charles Morgan
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2011 16:18:17 GMT
Subject: [Baren 44774] SSNW11 print exchange
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This is just a gentle reminder. You have only 5 more days to sign up if you want to participate in the 2011 Southern Summer Northern Winter print exchange. This exchange looks like it will be as popular as our last one. At present there are roughly 30 folks who have asked to participate, from a variety of countries.

This is a private exchange, one of a series, timed around the two solstices each year. In past exchanges, participants have come from many different countries, and have utilized many different printmaking techniques. This is NOT an official Baren exchange, although many Baren members have participated in these exchanges in the past. I have attached the call for participation below, which contains all the relevant details. If you have any questions, then feel free to contact me off list.
Cheers ...... Charles
*** SSNW11: The 2011 Southern Summer Northern Winter Solstice Print Exchange ***
Exchange coordinator: Charles Morgan ---
To sign-up, send private email to me at the above address.
Sign-up deadline: December 21, 2011 ... the southern summer northern winter solstice
Theme: The suggested theme is WATER, interpreted very broadly ... oceans, rivers, lakes, swamps, water plants, water animals, water insects, water ecology, floods, droughts, rain, drinking water, boats, ... anything you can think of. If you just cannot relate to the theme, then do not worry about it ... do whatever you like.
Technique: any editionable technique you like
Due date: prints are due in my hands by March 1, 2012
Return date: I will endeavor to mail out the packages of prints to the participants by mid April. Late prints will be returned to the sender.
Paper size: 7.5 x 11 inches, or 19 x 28 cm
Image size: anything that fits on the paper
Participation fee: $20 Australian, Canadian, or US ... to cover the mailing and packaging costs ... Your fee should be included with your prints when you send them. Cash or Paypal preferred (use my email address above for Paypal). If you are financially indisposed and still want to participate, then contact me privately and I will make arrangements for you.
Edition size: to be determined by the number of sign-ups ... typically between 20 and 30 ... to be announced after the sign-up deadline ... our last exchange required 33 prints

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Subject: The Poop on Pigeons
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

On to the next project.  No rest for the over-extended.

I've been mulling over my block for the City of the World Puzzle Block Project:, Maria Arango's latest massively collective project (talk about over-extended!).  ;- j

Check out this blog and see all the amazing blocks that have come in already:

I thought I might do something with my animals, or my back yard, but nothing suitably city-y occured to me (the fact that I live in a suburb might have something to do with it).

So recently I've been thinking about pigeons.  They're ubiquitous in a city -- even a suburb.  (On good days we call them doves; when they're fat and waddly from eating other birds' feed we call them pigeons.)

I've got a couple ideas I'm cogitating on, and soon I'll be carving on.  The deadline approaches and tempus threatens to frangle.

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