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Subject: Ready for team printing of the City of the World
Posted by: Maria

Getting ready for printing the City of the World project.

Progress and images:
and on the website pages

Coming right up a long drive through desert, mountain and forest; the perfect way to wash away troubles and replenish the energy tank. Then an even longer printing party with an eager and able team of printmakers. This should be fun!

Very close now to the end of this project. I'm looking forward to mailing the prints but already have secretly started thinking about the next image. Guess I never learn my lessons...

All the progress blogged as it happens

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Subject: Caboose!
Posted by: Maria

Aside from my own blocks, coming next post, these are the last three citizens. The project ended up with 112 participants and 2 memorial blocks carved to honor former project participants. Honestly, I'm amazed at the result and the resiliency of all the citizens who chose to finish.

The reward for everyone will be a truly awesome collection of tiny prints from all over the world, assembled into a viewing whole of rather large proportions. I hope to inspire present and future participants in creating collaborations such as this one. The exercise is tedious and time consuming at times but ultimately rewarding.

Here are the last three city blocks.

Kris Alder from Springdale, Utah USA one of my favorite stops en route to endless and magic back roads in the Southwest.

Michaela Stubbs from West Preston, Victoria AUSTRALIA sends her contribution:

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