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From: Margaret Chaney
Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2012 17:10:53 GMT
Subject: [Baren 45298] Re: 12th Gielniak Graphic Arts Competition
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Subject: General update ...
Posted by: Dave Bull

A week without an update! Whatever 'flock' of readers the Woodblock RoundTable may have gathered have probably wandered away in search of more reliable blog content! But it can't be helped, I'm afraid; the work has to come first, and writing about it sometimes just has to wait ...

I've been spreading myself around a number of projects over this past week; the most important of which (although the one that actually got the least amount of time) was moving forward on getting this print done. I ran off a couple of quick proof copies on the block set I finished last week,, mostly just to confirm that there were no major errors in carving, and that there was indeed a print 'in there' waiting to come out. With that done, I began to get the batch of paper ready for next week's printing - starting as always with the sizing:

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Subject: How to drive yourself mad with artful pleasure
Posted by: Maria

Not having learned my lesson from the two previous puzzle projects (Web and Cairn), I merrily engaged in yet a third, the City of the World. If you have been following this blog then you know it has been quite an adventure already.
And were it not for the eager hands that were raised when I announced it was time to print the beast, I would be doing that myself. At about 40-60 prints a day (my max effort) I would be printing for 10-15 days straight. That's a lot of PowerBars.

But off I go into the great Northwest to meet my fellow conspirators and we should (should!) get the thing printed in only 3 days, maybe less. How awesome is a great team!

Now that I've caught up on posting everyone's contributions, it is time to also post what I've been doing to fast-forward this project into completion. Last time I posted a project report I believe I had just cut the blocks and mailed them.

The next few months were spent logging the arrivals, opening each with the anticipation of a gift from a fellow artist. Being organized and not wanting to have a huge task, I kept up with pictures and posts of each participant.

Next came the cutting of the background skeleton (the large blocks that hold everything together), and assembling the puzzle. Here are the photos, without further explanation:

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