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From: "Rodriguez, Julio C."
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2012 21:02:51 GMT
Subject: [Baren 45309] RE: Google Art Project
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If you use Google you probably noticed the Google Art Project link at the bottom of the search area. It allows you to
search for artworks or images by artists that have been added to the project. It also has a feature that lets you "walk" inside a large number of museums from all over the world and look at the objects on display. As you explore artworks you can add them to your own user gallery and share this info with others via a number of social media options. Looks like you may need Google Chrome as your browser to access the website.

I created a user gallery for Moku Hanga by selecting woodblock prints from some of my favorite artists:

fun stuff..............Julio

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Subject: Arts of Japan series : case construction part 5
Posted by: Dave Bull

Assistant Lee-san's production line is now in full swing, and stacks of his pre-cut parts are getting glued up into real box form at last!

(entry continues here ...)

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Subject: "Mixed Feelings" Progress
Posted by: Annie B

I've been slowly working on the next print in the "Mixed Feelings" group (the prints that deal with rich/poor cliches). This one will feature the cliches "lazy poor" and "idle rich." I'm doing it as a reduction print, so I'm getting a nice wood grain impression:


Here's the print after four applications of color.


Now I'll carve some more.

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Subject: City of the World Project
Posted by: Ellen Shipley

Yay!  The City of the World Project is coming together.  8-]

My block (pigeon on a railing) is smack in the middle of the middle block, for those who are curious.  I think it's a great collection of city vignettes.

You can look at all the blocks up close on Maria's latest blog post:

Check it out.  8-]

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Subject: For everyone's delight, blocks up close with key to the city
Posted by: Maria

Without further introduction, here are the completed blocks with key, all my fellow citizens! You can get the large version of each photo by clicking on it, then print if you want but don't waste too much paper. The real thing will come your way soon enough!

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Subject: Staring down the barrel of a grant panel
Posted by: Elizabeth Busey

I recently applied for an Individual Artist Program grant from the state of Indiana. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to listen (anonymously) to my grant being reviewed by a panel of four artists.

This particular grant is for a maximum of $2000, and is for some use that would directly advance the career of the artist. The grant must have some sort of public benefit as well. Many types of artists apply -- from novices to academic professionals. As I listened to the comments on about 25 applications, a few points kept coming up:

Be sure you understand the intent of the grant. In this case, grants that made a strong case for how the artists' career would be affected received favorable comments. Does your proposal sound like you are shoe-horning your desire for a vacation into the grant format?

Be clear and straightforward in your writing. Confused reviewers are not likely to recommend your application, even if your plan is a good one. Are your details are consistent throughout?

Budgets are important. The more details you can include, the more serious your plan seems. Understand the definition of in-kind -- supplies or labor that are donated by others. Your personal funding contribution should be listed separately. Do your income and expenses match?

Images are crucial. Do your images give the reviewers a clear idea about the type of work you will be undertaking?

Get advice!  In the Indiana program, artists were given . . .
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Subject: Inspired by the Sky
Posted by: Andrew Jagniecki

Another new spring print. New at the shop, stop by!

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