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From: David Harrison
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2012 18:55:22 GMT
Subject: [Baren 45311] Sad news
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Some very sad news arrived from Jocelyn Merchant today:



This is Joycelyn Merchant, wife of Charles Kroon. I don't know if anyone has
mentioned it here yet, but Charles Kroon passed away last Thursday, April 5,
2012 of a sudden heart attack.

I know how much he loves his book lists and online printing email lists so I
I wanted to be sure to let you all know the sad news.

If you are on other lists where he participated, please feel free to let them
know also.

His memorial was held this past Tuesday in Chicago. If anyone wants to donate
in his honor, Literacy Chicago would be a good choice, as he very much valued
the importance of reading and literacy.

Thank you,

Joycelyn Merchant

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Subject: Arts of Japan series : print #1 - printing begins
Posted by: Dave Bull

So - after a break of nearly three months (!), I'm back at the printing bench, baren in hand, for the beginning of real work on the new Arts of Japan series.

But the first impression of the first print certainly isn't very interesting! (These progress images will all be linked to enlargements ...)

It's a blank block, printed with a base tint for the entire image area. I didn't use this for the test prints that I made, and they came out far too bare and 'clean'. This will give the print a pleasant kind of 'tone', once it's done.

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Subject: Knife set - laser engraving
Posted by: Dave Bull

It was more than a month ago that I posted about the production of the handles for the upcoming knife set, and in the comments to that post, I mentioned in passing that I had been in contact with a Canadian living down in Nagasaki who owns a laser engraving setup.

When I contacted him about the possibility of engraving our name on these tools he was very willing to give it a try. I sent some sample bits of wood, along with the information on what characters I wanted, and he soon sent back a little box with some samples. I was happy to see that the lettering was very readable, and that he had even been able to laser on the round surface of the carving knife handle, something I had been afraid would not be possible:

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Subject: Gifts of Art at University of Michigan
Posted by: Linda

Fourteen of my prints, including several from 12 Views of the Shiawassee River, are on exhibit as part of the University of Michigan Health Systems Gifts of Art from April 16 - June 11, 2012.
According to their website, "Gifts of Art brings the world of art and music to patients, visitors and staff at the University of Michigan Health System.
Seasonal Fashion - a spring view along the River Walk in downtown Owosso
One of the first of its kind nation-wide, this comprehensive program has been developed to enhance the Health System's commitment to providing an enriching and comforting environment to assist the healing process."
With nine 2-D and 3-D gallery spaces that are viewed by approximately 10,000 people a day, this is a great opportunity for artists whose work is appropriate for the healthcare setting.  You can view the submission page for more information.  Deadline is May 15!

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Subject: "Papers Revenge" Progress

[This was a summary of the original entry. The full entry can be viewed here]

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