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Subject: We Have a Winner!
Posted by: Sherrie York

It's been uncharacteristically quiet here at ol' Brush and Baren. Writing and painting(!), not printing, projects have taken over the studio. The printing bench stands dark and the inking slab actually has dust on it. Not my favorite state of affairs.

But who-ee! I must still be a printmaker, because the jury card was returned today from the National Small Print Show in Creede, with all three of my entries accepted for the exhibition. But here's the big surprise: I won first place! No. Kidding. It says so. Right here on the jury card.

"Autumn Reach," reduction linocut, awarded first place at
the National Small Print Show in Creede, Colorado.

I've had work accepted to this show several times over the last few years, but other commitments have kept me from attending the opening reception. The one time we did try to attend we were turned back by snow. (It was, as usual, the last weekend in May. Who expects a blizzard?)  I was delighted to realize that I'll be home (about 36 hours) from the Netherlands in time to make the journey this year so, baring another blizzard, look for us on May 26 at the Creede Repertory Theatre. Show opens at 5:30pm, print sale . . .
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