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Subject: Arts of Japan series : case construction part 6
Posted by: Dave Bull

I haven't been reporting on the progress of the case construction over the past week, both because I myself was busy with making the print itself, and because Lee-san hasn't been here, as he's got 'other things to do' these days ... Because we weren't able to offer permanent full-time work, he of course has had to keep other options open, and has gone off to do something else. He'll be back for the odd day here and there next month.

So that leaves just me ... (and, as we will see further down the page ... some more faithful helpers!):

The router table I built is getting a huge amount of work making these parts. This is a new tool for me, and when planning what I would need for this project I hadn't even considered such a thing at first, assuming that a table saw would do most of the heavy lifting. But after the table saw that I ordered turned out to be such a dud, I studied up, learned about this 'new' way to use a router, and since then, this has become the 'go to' tool for almost any job we can think of. I'm never going to do without one again!

Here it is, putting some rabbets on a stack of 100 side pieces. It's no more fooling around - I'm making a batch of 50 cases this week, do or die!

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Subject: Psalm 24
Posted by: Daniel L. Dew

Where to begin?  Hmm, how about with the technical stuff?  OK.
Woodblock was pine, paper was Zerkal and ink was Graphic Chemical water based black.

The image was inspired by
verse 7:

"Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of Glory shall come in"  KJV

I also love trying to depict wood and other unique surfaces, so I went with this old wooden door, brass nameplate, cast iron knocker and security keypad image.  I had fun with the door knocker, trying to incorporate the world and open hands into the image.

Here is the illuminated border and capital initial, bot hand painted (btw, each one of the border blocks are around 1.5" x 2").

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