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Message 1
From: Clive Lewis
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 14:48:41 GMT
Subject: [Baren 45357] Wayzgoose - This Saturday.
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This coming Saturday, April 28, any printmakers living in Southern Ontario
or Western New York can enjoy Wayzgoose, the 34th annual Bookarts Fair held
in Grimsby, ON, It's less than an hours drive from Toronto. The show is a
great one with engravers, bookmakers and suppliers of related materials
like paper and endgrain wood:

If you do go, be sure to drive up to the on the escarpment and walk the
Beamer Falls Conservation Area trail it's only a couple Km long and there's
a great view of the region and, across Lake Ontario, of the tall buildings
in Toronto. The Niagara area is heavily populated with great wineries.

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Message 2
From: "Harry French"
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 19:40:45 GMT
Subject: [Baren 45358] New work
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Greetings Bareners,
I thought you may have an odd moment to spare to look at my three new wood cut prints based on mechanical marionettes.
The prints can be hyperlinked from 'Recent prints April 2012' on my website at :
I have also hyperlinked two unfinished oil paintings of Ost Holstein in Germany :
Although not a specific woodblock topic they are related.
For some time I have been interested in the limited colours and line quality of the woodcut and transferring them to my easel paintings. With heightened tints and dominant lines the original sketches of the Ost Holstein landscape have lost their natural colours and ploughed fields, metaphorically, carve their way across the canvas without any care for linear or aerial perspective. I do hope they don’t return to their naturalistic tradition by me finishing them next month when they are dry!
Citizen No.37 of Maria’s print project.
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Message 3
From: Louise Cass
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 20:59:54 GMT
Subject: [Baren 45359] Re: New work
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Harry - I love the prints and the ptgs! BTW for Chinese new
Year's card participants my dragon is the first reduction
print I've ever done - always lacked the nerve -mind you it
was only 3 reductions and registered by eye as is my custom.
I was encouraged to keep doing this after seeing one of the
videos I think Julio gave a link to some time ago - was the
artist Japanese or Chinese?? and he was printing from a
pretty large block appearing just to fling the paper on!
does anyone recall who he was?
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Message 4
From: Bronwyn Merritt
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 21:37:35 GMT
Subject: [Baren 45360] Re: New work
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Louise, I just got your dragon and it is one of my very favorites- and my very picky son loved it, too! Great job.

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Subject: Arts of Japan series : print #1 - shipping preparation
Posted by: Dave Bull

No time for anything but a skeletal blog update tonight ...

While the printing crew is busy up in the woodshop working on the cases, Yasui-san is alone down in the workroom steadily getting the prints themselves ready for shipping. As you can see from this photo, for this series, we've found a solution to that problem of having the shape of the photo corners showing through the thin print paper!

Each print on its mat gets folded inside a sheet with a small descriptive story about it:

This batch will be posted in the morning, to that batch of collectors who have 'volunteered' to have their cases shipped later ...

(entry continues here ...)

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Subject: A new approach
Posted by: Andrew Jagniecki

I've been trying out some new techniques in capturing the local scenery. This piece is titled Michi-gami a landscape of the northern Lake Michigan Landscape. It's similar to the "Up North" series. All of my new prints are currently listed on my online shop.

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