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Subject: Webcam action ...
Posted by: Dave Bull

This morning - as with most mornings - I had the Woodblock Webcam running while I worked. I usually put it on twice a day; my morning session is 'targeted' at people living in North America (their afternoon/evening), and my evening session for European viewers (their morning/afternoon).

It doesn't really draw a very large crowd of viewers; there are some 'regulars' who drop by once in a while to see what is going on, and there are a few who are in the habit of leaving it open in a corner of their computer screen while they do other work. This is possible because the view in the webcam isn't one that will tend to be very distracting. Watching me work on my prints is basically like watching paint dry ...

I use the Ustream system to broadcast the webcam view, and at my end there is a simple Control Panel that allows me to set various parameters, and which also has a feature that shows how many people are currently tuned in. This number usually sits at 2, 3, or 4, and sometimes climbs as 'high' as 5.

But as I was working this morning, I looked over at the panel at one point, and saw this:

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