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Subject: Color Blocking a Curl Snout
Posted by: Pistoles Press

Full steam ahead!  The Art Box is sort of like my Home Depot.  All I have to say is "Yeah, I'm thinking about doing some colors like     (blank)    ." and Amanda Johnson or another associate will say, "Oh.  Well, have you ever considered       (blank)      ?  They work really well for that." and suddenly I have no excuses for putting off advancement on a project.  I bought some Sennelier watercolors from them and really love the saturation of rich color.  I think they will translate well with this project.  You can't really go wrong with Sennelier anyway but I've never tried Cobalt Green or Phthalo Green Light.  They are exactly the shades I was looking for though.  I'm a little gun shy now around Cobalts and Cadmiums.  I am wary of heavy metals but I really love the colors that come from those categories.  I promised myself that I'd be very careful this time.

As you can see from the test proof above, I've tried them out on a piece of Masa and they color reads very nicely.  I colored the proof in yellow and red to act as a map for when I have to carve the color blocks.  I don't want to risk using the . . .
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