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From: "Patricia B. Phare-Camp"
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2012 22:53:52 GMT
Subject: [Baren 45613] Re: Now we can all be like Mike (Lyon, that is), well in a small way...
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"Now we can all be like Mike (Lyon, that is), well in a small way..."

Not for 16 hunnert we caint! ;^D

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Subject: Second 'Arts of Japan' print is online ...
Posted by: Dave Bull

The second print in the Arts of Japan series is online for viewing ... an original by Dave of a scene he was many years ago ...

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Subject: Plumber progress
Posted by: Dave Bull

Due to a non-delivery of a shipment of varnish for my own case construction work, I had plenty of time the past couple of days to work on the 'plumber', and with the exception of the print title calligraphy (which I am still waiting for Jed to send over), the block is done.

Isn't it a beautiful object!

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This item is taken from the blog Mokuhankan Conversations.
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Subject: Woodlust
Posted by: Andrew Stone

"Thou shalt not covet Thy Neighbors' boxwood"

While I was working on my Maple print I noticed (but had noticed long before) that there was another tree of interest in the neighborhood.

But this time my interest lay not in its artistic potential as model, but in its potential as a lumber source. I have a print I'd like to do that is fairly detailed and will have very fine lines. As solid Cherry gets more and more expensive and as even cherry-faced plywood becomes more and more costly, even expensive alternatives become options--at least for smaller prints.
While in the US, I began to think about trying to find a source of boxwood for at least the key block. Most lumberyards don't carry it and specialty stores for luthiers and furniture makers are frightfully expensive and have usually very small pieces if they have any at all. Big trees are scarce, cut long ago, and what's left are small trunks and branches and these often have to be glued together to make pieces big enough to use for carving. It is very slow growing and the wood is very hard and was used for centuries to make woodblocks for printing text and engravings. Boxwood species are a favorite of Bonsai enthusiasts but they too usually look for an old specimen to dig up and shape as starting from a cutting would take a very long time.

However, one of the advantages of being in an old country (Italy) is that there are lots of old things about.

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Subject: 20th Salida ArtWalk
Posted by: Sherrie York

Art, music, theater, dance... and horse carriage rides (why not?)! It's ArtWalk weekend in Salida, June 22-24.

Miniature Masterpiece fundraiser, "Buy It Now" sale Friday from 5-9 at the Steamplant, silent auction Saturday morning from 9-noon.

As always, I'll have linocuts on display at the Maverick Potter Gallery, 119 F Street.

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