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  1. [Baren 45637] Need and an opportunity to be of help (Barbara Mason)
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From: Barbara Mason
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2012 01:20:42 GMT
Subject: [Baren 45637] Need and an opportunity to be of help
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Dear Baren Family,
One of our own members is having some financial difficulty and is selling his collections of exchange prints....I have cut and pasted some of his letter to me so you can see what Eli is up against....if you want a print or know someone who might be interested in them, please contact Eli. If you have a tool to trade for a print, also let him know!
These are challenging times for us artists, and as we get older it gets harder, not easier unless we married well :~)...seems like the only salvation for some of us as our art is a drain instead of a resource.
You can contact Eli directly at eli_griggs
My best to you all

Ok, what's going on is, I'm a disabled vet, withoutcompensation from any agency, other than reduced cost meds and a VA primary care giver,these last 22 plus years and in general, we have gotten by on my wife's job income. However she has been out of work since October and before that, was reduced in pay 10% and to part time hours for about three years at her old job, with several months of unemployment between that and the last. I do make prints, paint, etc and have a small, working studio space at the Charlotte Art League but much of what I have for sale as far as prints has been old exchange work and small woodcuts. I am working on some oil canvases and my small watercolours and small ceramics do ok, but I am without a wheel or kiln at the moment and am not able to produce new pieces, beyond some remaining biskware thatrepresentssome of my best work to date.
I want to obtain some quality toh and aisuki, as well as a few gouges, a good set of Japanese tools for my own work, paper, brayers, etc, so I can start running my ownoccasionalclasses at CAL, teaching woodcut "101" the way I use both western and Japanese tools, materials and methods. My obligation to CAL is a simple flat fee of 15% of income generated and I have enough interest in classes to fill two classes of about 6 students each, charging about $125 for three-four Saturday afternoon classes, when the ac is completed, which is hopefully this week. That at least will help me generate some occasional income to take care of the arts needs I have during the year and, if things go well, I might also do a class on building a simple bottle jack press.

Barbara, some of the things we're having come up this last year or so should be written into a badcomedic soap opera and I know it's a lot to share with you. I'm sure you have your own life andchallengestoattend, as must we all but these are some of the things we're working through here, at the moment and the reason I contacted you in the first place. If I didn't need to, the exchange prints and other thingswouldn't be looked to asresources or income earners, but I really can'tjustify not doing everything I can, to help out while my Rozeann has all the weight of oursituation on her, at all times. She has always assisted me in my artisticjourneyandnever has complained, despite my having giving herplentyof reasons to sound off, so this is the least I can do under thesecircumstances.

If you can match me up with someone or some persons, that would be interested in buying ortradingrelevant tools for exchanges orindividual prints from my collection, I would be verygrateful. If not, I understand. Any advice will be welcomed as well, you may have insight into things I'm just not seeing at the moment.

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