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From: Carole Baker
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2012 17:50:27 GMT
Subject: [Baren 45731] Year of the Dragon addresses
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If any addresses have changed, let me know and I can change on the
list. I have made changes since the beginning of the year and on
some of the past years, so don't rely on the list you might have
copied a while back.

Carole Baker
Gustavus, Alaska

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Subject: Open Studio 2012
Posted by: Andy English

There is always a feeling of "Its that time of the year again" when Open Studios swing round in July. This year, time was decidedly tight after taking a week's holiday and then hanging and opening the exshibition at the Old Fire Engine House in Ely. I had a week to make sure that the work was ready and that the space was clear for me to bring my engraving studio out of the house to sit next to the printing presses.

There are two many odds and ends to clear the space completely so old bedsheets were used to draw a veil over the accumulation of decades:

Parts of an old wardrobe were recycled to make a stand to display unframed work (most of my framed work being in Ely):

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Subject: MI-lab print showing entrance to studio

MI-lab entrance on Korean Washi


Today I finished 3 days of printing and cutting of a simple, 4 block print that attempts to show the entrance to the studio. There is a very stylized pine tree with one very long branch that overhangs the entrance path and on the other side are the very steep hills that lie here at the base of Fuji. These hills are as steep as 60 degrees and there ‘s thick vegetation growing on their very fertile volcanic soil.


MI-lab entrance on pulp-kozo paper

These prints were done after about 5 changes in the blocks and the inks and after several suggestions by Keiko Kadota saying that there was too much ‘gomazuri’. So, I just kept it in the sky and then used heavy pressing to get most of it out of the hills.

Keiko also ordered 5 different kinds of ‘good’ paper for us to try and compare with the pulp-kozo mix that comes in rolls so I chose the ‘Korean’ kozo and it looked nicer than the ordinary paper, but it doesn’t show so well in a photo. The surface is nicer and it takes color better is about all I can say. It’s a little thinner but I didn’t dampen it much at all.

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