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Subject: Arts of Japan series : print #3 - carving moves forward ...
Posted by: Dave Bull

The carving on the 'Animal Scroll' image is progressing well, although with so much detail in the grasses, progress is measured in very small areas per day, for sure!

Here are three of the four blocks that will do the scene itself (other blocks will do the 'background' - paper tone, etc.):

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Subject: Ukiyoe Heroes - Printing gets underway
Posted by: Dave Bull

With the initial proofing of the Rickshaw Cart print finished last week, there isn't much at the moment that we here at Mokuhankan can do to get Jed's project pushed forward. He will open his Kickstarter page on August 1st, and it is only then that we will learn what comes next ...

But if the excitement building up over on his Facebook page is anything to go by, it seems pretty sure that there will be at least some orders for this print, at some point in time. Even if the Kickstarter doesn't 'fly', it would be silly to just toss these blocks aside, so while we wait, I'm going to have the ladies here get some of their own proofing done, and get them familiar with the block set and the image. If things go well in August, I want to be ready!

First one out of the gate is Fujii-san, and she started her first batch this weekend:

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