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Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2012 17:39:20 GMT
Subject: [Baren 45942] Re: Introductions_Janel Warmington
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I suppose we could take credit card numbers, but not run them unless the kit did not come back. I see a number of possibilities for things getting tied up in knots with that approach, though! Like, the kit doesn't come back, the card is put through, then the possessor of the kit gets on the ball and sends it in. Now the card has to be backed out. I guess I really am a Pollyanna, but I think all printmakers are good and honest people and the honor system would work. We all have halos and wings, they are just invisible to most folk. 0;-)

Cheers ~

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Subject: Duck linocut demo, continued
Posted by: Sherrie York

Alrighty then! As hoped, I squeezed out a little time in the schedule to get the next two color passes done on the small duck linocut that will serve as a demonstration piece at Birds in Art's Artists in Action event on September 8. (About a week-and-a-half away!)

A bit more carving and a second gradated blue pass was applied over the previous.

 Most of the background came out after that and a gray-brown gave the duck more form.

I'm not at all certain I like the half-frame around the top. It seemed interesting in my sketch to have the foreground water flowing out from the around the sides of the border, but in execution I think it's a bit too contrasty or something. Or maybe the ripples shouldn't have extended as high into the background as they do.

OR maybe I'm just obsessing prematurely. There's still one more dark to go and I don't intend to apply it to the border... it could be that everything sorts itself out with the last color. Or not. I might try going back in with a lighter color on the border only...

But none of that will be decided until after the demo on the 8th, at which time I'll . . .
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