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From: "Rodriguez, Julio"
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2012 21:13:38 GMT
Subject: [Baren 45944] RE: new Baren blog
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The new Baren blog (Baren-Suji) is up and running on Blogger. The old posts from 2005-2012 have been imported over from MovableType along with all your favorite video links and images. If you go to the website the Blog link has already been updated to point to the new blog or you can follow the link below. It is still a work in progress as far as final layout and design. On the left side bar you will see a list of our members blogs that we currently track with most recent post on top. Maria has been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to continue publishing the daily blog feeds to our membership. I been working on a video-library cross reference to the dozens of printmaking videos and short documentaries available.

We are also looking for authors willing to contribute material and ideas, so speak up if you are willing to be a contributor.

Please check it out and subscribe to Baren-Suji so you don't miss out on the most current stuff !


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Subject: Cooking up a new print
Posted by: Maria

High time for something new!
Seems the routine is always the same: first an idea "gels" after much mulling and thinking, sometimes the perfect image just pops up but sometimes they hide until seemingly all of a sudden, there it was the entire time, hidden behind the that pollen-drunken bee inside the top cactus flower.

I've done a print called Me in a Tree but now I want to be that bee and do me as a drunken bee...except I like willow blooms so if I were to be a drunken bee, I'd get drunk on the delicate pollen inside a willow bloom. So that's the plan, my next print, In a Willow Bloom.

Routines are perfect for getting going and, after the blocks are cut and the references are chosen, I have come to play with my buddy Photoshop quite a bit. I find it immensely liberating to just play (remember to save often) with imagery and cut and paste, put that petal over there, change the color scheme, darken, distort, transform, lighten, enlarge, miniaturize (a great tool for examining composition without interference) and pretty much sit on my arse for a day or two wielding my graphic tablet pen and making a mess...a virtual mess. Simplifying the image is a must and I do that by discarding much of the photo's information and drawing on top of the photograph with the brush tool.
Those there are perfect willow blooms and I'm going to get drunk inside them.

Since this is for a print exchange ( there is a pre-determined paper size so this image will be long and skinny.

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