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From: Maria Diener
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2012 22:38:11 GMT
Subject: [Baren 45946] Daily reminder!
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The [Baren Forum] conversation (this list) is MOVING over to Yahoo! You can
re-join our real-time email conversation: join (this requires you to have
or create a Yahoo! profile - safe and private - allows you to choose how and
where you want emails delivered etc etc). (this link should allow you
to SUBSCRIBE to the conversation (listen in) without joining the group)

But best get moved over right away - THIS list will disappear in the very
near future!

Maria, Mike, Julio, Gayle, Barbara, Kris, David, Darrell, Carole and 72
others who are already gabbing away

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Subject: Playing with colors on the drunken bee print
Posted by: Maria

After the key block is pasted and the design cut (which it isn't!), I transfer the cut design with registration marks included to the color blocks. Again, I don't always work this way and often times prefer to work with a registration jig.
Search for registration jig on this blog or my website to see how to make one.
or check my website's Studio Notes section for two notes on registration at the bottom of the page:

But the traditional Japanese method "calls" for carving the registration kento right on the block. My preference is to carve the marks first and then transfer key block, kento and all, to the color blocks. I will post later on how to carve a perfect kento every time!

Back to the color decisions, I tend to print too "primary" most of the time and envy off-color combinations of other artists. To a point, moku-hanga takes care of the too-primary issue due to the delicacy of the resulting color applications.
But it doesn't hurt to "play" first, again in Photoshop, and see the mood change as I darken, lighten, raise or lower color channels, desaturate...

One filter that I have found invaluable in converting a retouched photograph into something "woodcut-able" is the Artistic>Poster Edges filter. Play with it!

In that composite of four versions, from RIGHT to left:

-After . . .
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Subject: Ukiyoe Heroes : Stunned silence ...
Posted by: Dave Bull

The campaign has reached quite an astonishing level of support:

(entry continues here ...)

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