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Downloadable Files

Please note: Files available for download are in either Macintosh or Windows format. Be sure to choose the correct type for your system.

Simply click on the link representing the file you wish to download - Macintosh files will be sent to your system in .hqx format, ready to be opened by 'Stuffit Expander'; Windows files are in .zip format.

[Baren] Forum Archives

These are archived digests of all forum discussions. Every three months they are gathered together into a download package which contains all postings and an .html index page for easy browsing through the set.



Volume #1 (~Dec. '97)

.hqx 162K

.zip 111K

Volume #2 (Jan. ~ Mar. '98)

.hqx 383K

.zip 281K

Volume #3 (Apr. ~ Jun. '98)

.hqx 697K

.zip 459K

Volume #4 (Jul. ~ Sep. '98)

.hqx 886K

.zip 618K

Volume #5 (Oct. ~ Dec. '98)

.hqx 527K

.zip 374K

Volume #6 (Jan. ~ Mar. '99)

.hqx 927K

.zip 638K

Volume #7 (Apr. ~ Jun. '99)

.hqx 519K

.zip 374K

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