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Part two:



When getting started one of the first things I want to know is - where did these people get their equipment? What kind of books are they reading? Are there any videos on the subject? Questions ...

Thank goodness for the Internet. I basically did subject searches and came up with a variety of responses. It took time to weed through them and to pick the ones I thought would be helpful. Most if not all my carving tools and printing barens came from 'McClains' in Portland Oregon. Also most of the paper, though I have found paper like Arches 88 and others have been OK to use. I purchased dry pigment from 'Daniel Smith' in Seattle Washington, and made my own ink using the method in the 'Japanese Woodcut Workshop' video. I also purchased several books on the subject of wood engraving, relief process and a few hard to find books on Japanese woodcut.

I have found David Bull's website to be one of the most valuable sources of information along with the [Baren] forum and the other contributors that have been so generous with their own experiences.

In my humble opinion for a budding newbie woodblock printer seeking information, I would recommend David's website along with buying the 'Japanese Woodcut Workshop' video. For me, talking about woodblock prints and seeing still pictures are great, but I had to see the actual process being done before things started to make a little sense.

I have tried to share a little about my experience. I am learning everyday and I hope this continues. I am willing to share what I know. I hope the newbie waiting to get started now has a better understanding as to where he/she can being. You are in the right place!

Take care, Phil Bivins

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