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September 2003

An entry on Printing Curved Gradations.

April 11, 200

An entry on John Amoss' Printing/Carving Ensemble.

May 22, 2000

An entry on Preparing powder pigments.

April 23, 2000

One-point lesson: Re-surfacing sharpening stones.

Mar 3, 2000

Printing with Metal Powders.

Dec 4, 1999

A page on Softening the brushes by machine.

Dec 4, 1999

Graham's Carving 'bench'.

Nov 30, 1999

Graham's Workshop.

Nov 30, 1999

David shows his Portable Carving/Printing Kit.

Nov 15, 1999

A page on sharpening by Mr. Graham Scholes has been linked in.

Oct 28, 1999

Printing with Mica Powder.

Oct 27, 1999

David visits Matt Brown's craft fair display.

Oct 27, 1999

Jeanne describes making 'White-line' woodcuts.

Oct 24, 1999

Making a 'Scattered Gold' background.

Sep 1, 1999

One-point lesson: Avoiding registration stains.

August 12, 1999

An entry on Adding a 'seal' to your print.

August 6, 1999

A photo-essay on How David's Exchange #2 print was made.

July 14, 1999

An entry showing E.B.Atwood's: registration method.

July 9, 1999

An entry by our youngest contributors: How to make 'hakobi'.

July 8, 1999

An entry on Tying the baren cover.

July 5, 1999

A short photo essay on Gradation printing.

April 24, 1999

A look at one of Mr. Susumu Ito's carving knives.

April 7, 1999

An explanation of some factors related to Preserving your prints.

April 5, 1999

An explanation of Printing woodblocks in an etching press.

April 1, 1999

Numerous additions to the Printmakers on the Web directory.

Mar 26, 1999

An addition on 'Troubleshooting': Block 'plugging' by John Amoss.

Mar 20, 1999

This week's one-point lesson: Moistening the printing brush.

Mar 14, 1999

A comprehensive entry: My Printmaking Process by John Amoss.

Mar 10, 1999

This week's one-point lesson: Block shrinkage trouble.

Mar 9, 1999

An addition to the section on 'Troubleshooting'.

Feb 28, 1999

A Java slide show of [Baren] group members' work.

Feb 24, 1999

Major update to the section on Woodblock printmaking workshops.

Feb 22, 1999

A Q&A; session on Archival Tape.

Feb 21, 1999

Some thoughts on Sizing.

Feb 10, 1999

A first entry on wood: Wood qualities.

Feb 2, 1999

David gets 'board'.

Jan 24, 1999

An interesting addition on: The Secret Life of Original Prints.