Frequency Task Details Relevant Web Pages
Monthly Exchanges Update Send Exchanges Update to Barenforum List:
Current Exchange(s) status and web page
Upcoming Exchanges and web pages 
Sign up page (when applicable)
Remind participants to submit information and buy cases (optional)
Monthly Web Updates Exchanges Index Page
Record Updates Exchange Spreadsheet  ExchangeCalendar.xls
Quarterly New Exchange Signup Duplicate last exchange folder and rename all files Example: to exchange_40/
Before Exchange Preparation Duplicate last exchange spreadsheet, blank out data, keep formulas exchange_xx/xx.xls
Create Exchange_xx folder and web pages, update all links, emails, coordinator
Update Exchanges Index Page with links to new exchange
Prepare Exchange sign-up page for signing up on date/time specified
Create email and forward for signup
For themed exchanges Request theme ideas and tally-after a week or two, decide on theme
At Signup Date/Time Upload revised exchange signup page (testing is a good idea)
Collect sign ups and enter in spreadsheet as they come in, check previous exchange_xx/xx.xls (created when files were duplicated)
Update exchange_signup page and exchangexx pages daily with participants
After one week Upgrade the wait list participants from previous exchange to list
After one month Choose coordinator from candidates who raised their hand, give them instructions
Create email and forward for new
Quarterly Completed Exchange Gallery Request image files and colophon from coordinator
After Exchange Completed Check image files for proper formatting as explained on coordinators page
Make montage 600x600 black background page, 100 px images
Upload all image files and folders to website
Create web pages exchange_xx updated, remove signup form if not done already
exchange_frame - updated in notepad and edit
exchange_slides - update names from .xls 
intro - montage with all prints, exchange information, coordinator's comments, colophon link
upload colophon in .pdf format and link
names - update from .xls
artist's pages - artist.html containing the artist's print, name, location, email form
Update index pages Update Exchanges Index Page with links to new exchange
Update Exchange Gallery Page with links to completed exchange
Delete email address and forward on coordinator_xx address for previous exchange
Quarterly Mail Exchange to archives Double check completeness of exchange and colophon of Archive Set
Place images on CD and include
Mail to Current Archives at U. of Kentucky