Frank Trueba

Chinstrap Penguins, Antarctica

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Artist's comments ...

The Chinstrap Penguin (Pygoscelid antarctica) is easily distinguished by the "chinstrap" plumage visible under the bird's bill and eyes. They weigh an average of 4.5 kilograms (11 pounds) and stand to an average height of 68 cm (a bit less than 30 inches), and number about ten million breeding pairs.

The Chinstraps roam and nest around the rough, boulder-strewn slopes of the Antarctic peninsula and the coastal islands of the continent. Their diet consists of small shoaling animals, krill, small fish and other marine crustaceans. The adult Chinstrap is preyed upon by leopard seals while Chinstrap eggs and chicks fall prey to the sheathbill and Brown skua.

Hand printed from shina ply using Graphic Chemical black ink on Masa paper.

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