Exchange #13, "MUSIC"

I think that you all are going to be very pleased with this exchange. The prints are wonderful! The different takes on the "Music" theme are exciting to see....

This is a tale of what almost was! Have been collating in our downstairs family room.... sun shining, breeze blowing, and sliding doors open. Was up getting lunch yesterday when my husband gave a frantic PSST! from the stairs. With lots of shushing motions he led me down.

There, standing on the back deck, nose to screen, was a black bear. Wow!!! I've never seen one as close (never want to again either)and it was truly awesome. Eventually, after checking the whole deck and the bird feeders out, it left.

Needless to say, I am finishing this project with the sliders closed. My only question being, would you have believed me if I'd said " Sorry! Your prints were eaten by a bear" ?

Barbara Patera, coordinator
Issaquah, Washington USA