Mike Lyon

'untitled (bijin aizuri-e)'

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Artist's comments ...

    Hand printed Japanese technique wood block print of water colors on unsized hand made gampi paper, completed July 20, 2002.

    52 sheets printed in three states. 31 of them for this exchange included a wood-grained background with a bokashi at the top. This variation of the print was made on three blocks -- one which embossed a fabric texture onto the background, another was reduction-carved and printed in 24 states (print each sheet, carve a little, print each sheet a little darker, carve a little, print each sheet a little darker, etc. etc. 24 times!) in order to achieve the 'shading'. The third block was oak for the grain and bokashi in the background.

    The subject falls roughly into an almost 200 year old style of traditional Japanese printing called aizuri-e which means "blue picture" and since the subject is a beautiful woman it would be called a "bijin aizuri-e" (beautiful woman blue picture).

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