Kat Pukas


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    This print deals with connections shared across familial history. The boy is my deceased grandfather, Theodore Joseph Pukas, Sr.; the line of his collar is continued by the brim of his hat as a young man, portrayed upside-down. In front of the boy, the crease in the rug is extended through the ledge of my great-grandparents' gravestone base. Perched upon the grave is my deceased great-aunt, Laura Pukas Melcavage, as a baby, and the entire top portion of the gravestone itself is my niece’s chin, upside-down. Other collaged portions of my niece’s face complete my grandfather’s shoulder (top-left) and appear as a Baroque swag (bottom-left corner). In the upper-right corner, my great-grandmother’s skirt and feet hang upside-down like a strange landscape viewed through a pseudo-window.

    Moku hanga reductive woodcut on cream Torinoko extra light paper, seven color impressions — yellow (with mica), peach, pink, light brown, blue, dark brown, and black.

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