Jeanne_Norman Chase, Florida, USA

'The End'

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Artist's comments ...

    30 in literary circles means "it is done", "it is finished", thus "The End".

    This was my first and (maybe) last hanga print. I had a musician carved on cherry wood, started the hanga process, ruined many sheets of paper, got ink, and paint and rice paste all over the place. The registration never worked right. Then I did another one, an animal. Same thing happened. This continued for 2 months. Finally, not wanting to spend the rest of my life trying hanga, I gave up and did a very simple print that says it all. I hope you all have a sense of humor when you look at it.

    Rives lightweight paper
    Windsor Newton water colors
    rice paste
    New Japanese baren
    Not much patience. AAArrrrrgggghhhh

    Now I have a great respect for all you Hanga folks!!!!

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