Joe Sheridan, Sea Cliff, NY USA

'Pink Lake, Quebec'

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Artist's comments ...

    My subject was Pink Lake, Quebec in Gatenau Park just outside of the Canadian city of Hull. It is inspired by Kawase Hasui's print "Kawaguchi Ko", Lake Kawaguchi.

    It is printed on shin hosho. I used primarily Guerra Pigments and some Kremer pigments as well. I used 5 cherry blocks, carving 9 surfaces. The total number of passes was 20. I made more passes then I originally planned to adjust and balance the color (and a fix or two) as the print took shape.

    I am making additional edition of this subject in which I am using an additonal block. This will be to fill in some areas I had not thought out well in my original concept.

    It is far from the Hasui print that insrired me but the learing process only increased my respect for the artists and craftsmen that refined this delicate process in Japan. Thanks to my papermaker and to David Bull who is inspriational.

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