Chris Bailey, , USA

'Nothing Lasts Forever'

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Artist's comments ...

    Block: Maple wood
    Paper: Masa
    Ink: Speedball oil-based
    Tool: "Ultra high speed carving tool"
    Press: Hand pulled using wooden spoon

    My idea was to show an army tank that had, after a time of non-use, been overgrown with Flowers. Instead of a full tank, I decided to go with a view of just a single track. I thought It would make the image more interesting and still convey the idea. The title, of course, Refers to both the flowers and the disused tank. I think which idea a person sees more strongly in the piece goes to show an individuals perceptions of "war and peace". This is only the 4th woodcut that I have completed, so I cannot be too disappointed with The results. I look forward to any comments and/or suggestions that anyone has. If Anyone in interested in seeing the other woodcut prints that I have done (and other art), They can be seen at

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