Monica Bright, Nampa, ID USA

'Like a Dove Descending'

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Artist's comments ...

    Linoleum block

    Paper: Stonehenge and BFK

    I had a hard time with the imagery since the destruction of war is what readily came to mind. I believe everyone innately desires peace, so I didn't want to focus on the negative, but the ultimate triumph of the positive.

    So I started with some basic symbolism, the gore crow is the traditional symbol of death and war and the dove is the traditional symbol of life (Noah's dove returning with a twig) and peace. The gentle dove overshadows the stronger, but cowering, crow-who holds the arrows of war in his talons. The image still did not really convey the emotion I was going for, so I incorporated the organic forms in the background and the undulating lines under the birds in order to 'ground' them. Together these two elements gave a vivacious feeling of life unfettered by the destructions of war.

    Originally the composition was square with the eye of the dove in the focal point, but after pulling the first proof, the birds seemed really cramped. I then added a rectangular block to the bottom for the organic shapes there. (Luckily you can't tell it is two blocks instead of one when it was printed). Which shifted the focal point to acquiescence of the crow.

    Ah, ha! Another triumph!

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