Sharri LaPierre, Vancouver, WA USA

'When Justice Sleeps The Monsters Roam'

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Artist's comments ...

    Reduction woodblock, digitally printed chine colle
    Paper: Somerset Satin
    Ink: Gamblin Artists Colors
    Edition: 38

    Imagery is inspired by Edward Gorey and Goya. During war, just or unjust, civil liberties are Lost, persons are unjustly incarcerated, and innocent lives are sacrificed: these are the bats, Rats, scorpions and grumbles in the cave, escaping and running rampant. Once the monsters Are out, it is difficult to get them back in the cave. Her breasts are exposed in homage to our Illustrious Att. General who spent $8,000 to cover one breast on the sculpture of justice Where he likes to hold his photo ops. Truth is the first casualty of war. Apparently, so is art.

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