Barbara Mason, Aloha, OR USA

'War or Peace?'

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Artist's comments ...

    Woodblock relief, four blocks
    Ink: Akua Kolor
    Paper: Kitakata

    This was fun to do but I had a bit of trouble with the registration. My little lamb has funny Looking legs. The Akua Kolor printed pretty well, but differently that the traditional ink. It Printed more like oil than waterbased ink. It would be interesting to see if you could combine The two, some blocks with the traditional pigment and some with Akua Kolor. I admit I rolled On that really smooth blended background I think the Akua Kolor is not truly water-soluble , that is rewetable, so think you probably would have a time printing pigment over it but I have Not tried tried this. Maybe on the next one.

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